Incredible puzzle game about a snowman, that will greatly surprise you!

Surely everyone in the childhood liked the puzzle where you had to find the difference between pictures. They are very interesting to both adults and children, because they develop attentiveness and logical thinking. The website has prepared for you a puzzle in which you must find the snowman, which is unnecessary on the picture presented. Beware, the puzzle is a trick!


Snowman A. Surprised?

It is necessary to give some explanations to the answer:1. Many people say that once the snowman is B. Indeed, it has only two buttons, while the rest of the snowmen are three of them. But one should not jump to conclusion.

2. If you look closely, the snowman G smile consists of only 4 points, while the rest of the 6.

3. The snowman At the tip of the scarf is on the back, gray, and others he's black.

4. The snowman D strips in the center of the scarf has a different sequence than others.

5. It turns out that the only snowman that has no obvious differences from the other is snowman A. that is why it is extra!



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