The 20 best movies of 2016

In 2016, the cinema has become almost omnipotent — able special effects to put the actors in any of the body and circumstances. But the movie, which holds only one acting, it did not become less exciting.

The website has collected the best films of the year in one list. Envy, if you some of them missed, and a nice view!

Arrival Arrival

IMDB — 8.3, "Kinopoisk" — 7.8

On Earth the aliens arrive, their intentions are unknown: 12 huge spaceships just hovering above the planet's surface. A linguist and polyglot, Louise banks and physicist Ian Donnelly climb on one of the ships to try to establish contact with aliens.

One of the most successful contemporary filmmakers Denis Villeneuve made a film on the story of one of the strongest of modern science fiction — "Stories of your life" by Ted Chan. Amy Adams was the pinnacle of this great triangle, brilliantly playing the role of Louisa banks.

Fantastic beasts and where they live Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

IMDB — 7.8, "Kinopoisk" — 7.7

Magical universe Rowling is cluttered with new details. For 70 years before the events of the Saga about Harry Potter MAG-zoologist newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) arrives in new York with a suitcase full of magical creatures. They accidentally run away and catch him help the girl-mrakobes Tina Goldstein, her frivolous witch-sister Queenie, and not too bright, but cute Muggle Jacob.

When the Magical Congress of the office for North America discovers that the animals belong to Newt, he finds himself in danger after all, because the Muggles can discover the magical world.

This film is only the first part of a larger story, all films will be five.

Captain Fantastic Captain Fantastic

IMDB — 8.0, "Kinopoisk" — 7.5

The father (Viggo Mortensen) raising his six children in the woods, away from the pernicious influence of civilization. They know how to hunt and handle weapons, speak several languages and versed in physics and philosophy. But once the whole family is forced to go into the city, and for this test, children are not ready.

The film is multi-layered and delicate, a little sentimental, but not devoid of black humor. It is about the need to keep promises, even if you need to get someone out of the ground, and if your principles don't work, you will have to invent new ones.

Doctor Strange Doctor Strange

IMDB — 7.9, "IMDb" — 7.7

The accident forced the talented neurosurgeon Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to put an end to his career. Not believing in any magical forces he sets off on a journey for healing, meets Elder (Tilda Swinton) and becomes her apprentice. He discovers his ability to move between dimensions and transforms into a powerful mage that protects the earth from evil.

Despite the fact that it is traditionally a bright and dynamic kynoselen Marvel blockbuster with cool special effects, its main idea is childishly simple: believe in miracles.

The first avenger: the Confrontation between Captain America: Civil War

IMDB — 8.0, "Kinopoisk" — 7.5

The last operation Avengers ends with devastation on an international scale. Then the government decides to adopt the document on registration of superheroes and the control over their activities. Tony stark and some of the other heroes agree to sign it, and Steve Roger and those who supported him. Between the Avengers, the war begins. It decides to use the mysterious Baron Zemo to carry out their sinister plans.

Fans of Marvel superhero theme this time certainly not disappointed — that there is one final battle at the airport!

Allies Allied

IMDB — 7.2, "IMDb" — 7.3

In 1942, the British agent Max Watan (brad pitt) during a dangerous mission in Casablanca, meets a member of the resistance, the French Marianne (Marion Cotillard). Their romance develops into a happy marriage, the couple a child is born. And suddenly, max reported that his wife may be a spy. To figure out if this is, he's got 72 hours.

Sophisticated and beautiful military drama took the author of the legendary trilogy "Back to the future" by Robert Zemeckis.

Deadpool Deadpool

IMDB — 8.1, "IMDb" — 7.5

Former mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) encounters at the bar, the beautiful Vanessa (Morena, Baccarin). The case goes to the wedding, but Wilson has cancer. Participation in a secret experiment, which he agrees, hoping to recover, disfiguring him. Wilson dons a mask and becomes Dedpula. He wants revenge on the scientist Francis (ed Skrein), who led the experiment.

Despite the grim storyline, "Deadpool" movie is light and funny, though without blood, of course, has not done.

Under cover of night, Nocturnal Animals

IMDB — 7.9, "IMDb" — 7.6

Susan (Amy Adams) is happily married and owns her own art gallery in Los Angeles. Suddenly she receives in the mail a package from my ex-husband (Jake Gyllenhaal) — he asks her to read his new novel. So on the screen the real heroes begin to live parallel with the fictional, and the book itself turns out to be a revenge delayed for many years.

The second film of designer Tom Ford turned out beautiful and brutal and will definitely bring pleasure to fans of "be afraid".

For reasons of conscience Hacksaw Ridge

IMDB — 8.5, "Kinopoisk" — 8.2

After a 10-year hiatus, Mel Gibson returned to directing and made a film based on real events. The second world war, a medic, a pacifist, Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield) is a volunteer, but for religious reasons refuses to take up arms. And unarmed he is in the Inferno. Doss has not made a single shot, but carried from the battlefield wounded and 75 were awarded the medal of Honor.

It's a great movie that principles are stronger than circumstances. Poignant love story, and Sam Worthington ("Avatar"), who returned to his duties (and both his legs are), add to the pleasure of viewing.

Social life of the Café Society

IMDB — 6.7, "IMDb" — 6.9

1930-ies, the Golden era of Hollywood. Pretty boy Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg) arrives in Los Angeles in search of work. It hires uncle, and he quickly joins the Hollywood life and falls in love with the uncle's Secretary, Veronica (Kristen Stewart). The girl has a mysterious boyfriend, whom Bobby had never seen.

A woody Allen film with a traditional voice-over — atmospheric and light movie, and even the flood of people in concrete brother is gangster Bobby seems somehow charming.

Nice guys The Nice Guys

IMDB — 7.4, "Kinopoisk" — 7.0

Los Angeles, 1977, a private detective and the father of 13-year-old girl Holland March (Ryan Gosling) is forced to investigate the death of the girl, along with a hired bruiser Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe). Rather than demonstrating a perfect torso Gosling regularly hysterical, and Crowe methodically gives everyone in the face. And really funny.

The jungle book The Jungle Book

IMDB — 7.6, "Kinopoisk" — 7.2

The tale of the boy raised by wolves, they know everything. But the technical perfection of "the jungle Book" is amazing. The heroes of Kipling's created using computer graphics that look like live, as their faces are different human facial expressions. The voice acting is solid star. Scarlett Johansson "played" boa, Idris Elba is Shere Khan, and Ben Kingsley is Bagheera.

Rogue-one. Star wars: the history of the Rogue One

IMDB — 8.3, "Kinopoisk" — 7.6

The eighth film of the Saga "Star wars" spin-off, which takes place between the third and fourth episodes. The resistance is gathering force in order to steal the blueprints of the "death Star", battle station of the galactic Empire. At the head of the squad — fearless gene of ERSO (felicity Jones). As always, at stake is the fate of the Galaxy.

Mr Church Mr. Church

IMDB — 7.5, "IMDb" — 7.8

Incredibly kind, warm and moving film. Mother Mary is terminally ill and hiding it from his daughter. Suddenly in their life there is a black cook who will cook for them the next six months. Little Charlie first refers to the hostile stranger. But Mr Church will be there, even in the most difficult moments.

Miracle on the Hudson Sully

IMDB — 7.6, "Kinopoisk" — 7.4

Pilot Chesley Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) makes an emergency landing the plane right on the water of the Hudson river in new York. On Board were 150 people, does not hurt either one. "Sally" becomes an American hero, he is invited on television shows and worn on the hands, and at that time starts an investigation, which threatens the reputation of the pilot.

The scene of the disaster (the plane hit a flock of geese) gives you shivers, especially if you know that the movie is based on real events of 2009.

Disgusting eight The Hateful Eight

IMDB — 7.9, "IMDb" — 7.8

Yes, the film is shot in 2015, but rolling out in 2016. the American Western, directed by Quentin Tarantino, occurs shortly after the Civil war in the United States. Bounty hunter John Ruth nicknamed the Hangman accompanies the prisoner to the place of execution. Snow storm forces them to take refuge in a shopping store, a restaurant, along with a very motley company. And one of them is not who he says he is.

The ghostly beauty of Collateral Beauty

IMDB — 5.8, "IMDb" — 7.3

Deep film, makes us think about eternal values. New York ad man Howard (will Smith) after a personal tragedy, falls into a depression. Colleagues are trying to help him and Howard begins to write letters to the people and concepts. Soon Death (Helen Mirren), Love (keira Knightley) and Time (Jacob Latimore) actually appear in his life.

Zeropolis Zootopia

IMDB — 8.1, "IMDb" — 8.3

Cartoons now don't end with childhood. Animated film in wide distribution in no way inferior to feature films, earning not only millions at the box office, but also the love of spectators of all ages.

Zeropolis is populated by humanoid animals, and in the center of the plot is a charming minx Judy.. She realized her dream of becoming a police officer, but instead of catching criminals prescribes penalties for illegal Parking. Lis-con man Nick Wilde and Judy helps to solve a complicated case, because otherwise she faces dismissal from the police.

In finding Dory Finding Dory

IMDB — 7.5, "IMDb" — 7.5

Dori — fish-surgeon who is suffering memory lapses. Once she embarks on a journey to find his parents in a California aquarium. Help her Nemo and his friends.

"Finding Dory" — the most successful cartoon in the entire history of American animation. It grossed $ 486 million

Moana Moana

IMDB — 8.1, "IMDb" — 7.7

The daughter of a tribal chief, living on a small island in the Pacific ocean, name is Moana, and she was from childhood fascinated by the ocean. She dreams of adventure and goes on a dangerous sea voyage to find the person demigod named Maui and get him to return the magical stone.

Source IMDB, Kinopoisk

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