BikeBoards turns the bike in winter transport

If someone still believes that winter is not the time for bikes, it is very much mistaken. For a long time already there are bikes able to overcome not only the snowy areas, but also the snow, ice, and other joys of winter on the roads. Some people even attempted to cross Antarctica astride the bike, but still did not succeed, however, they did not lose heart and well-known Eric Larsen is ready to make another attempt.

In order to cope with the elements, winter bikes have traditionally used special winter tires. Also, some of the professional sports winter Bicycle have modified the chain mechanism and weighted design. As for the winter tires, they have special relief from my boot and a greater width than summer tires. However, this was not enough, and a group of designers from the United States inspired by the cyclists attempt to conquer the South pole of the planet created BikeBoards.

What is BikeBoards? If looking at BikeBoards to say that this ski – it will be absolutely true. Oddly enough, however, the designers were able to put the bike on skis. BikeBoards is installed on the front wheel. Thus, BikeBoards increases the speed, efficiency of overcoming deep snow, increases the stability of the bike in the snow and with all this not detrimental to maneuverability. The principle of operation BikeBoards is that the rear wheel pushes the front wheel – slip, instead of having to go.

Attached to the wheel BikeBoards with a special sticky tape which is wrapped wheel. As shown, this is more than enough. Removed and worn BikeBoards in less than 1 minute. The BikeBoards ski also comes with special bag mount on the frame, where it is possible to always put in case of uselessness. The ski is wide enough but not very long, so transportation is straightforward. BikeBoards attaches to any wheel with tire options from 5 to 13 cm BikeBoards Cost – $ 375. published




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