You have no idea what this master does with old furniture! Golden hands!

Fashion is very changeable, new technologies, and the furniture is aging very quickly. Besides, many lying around the house old sideboard or table, which is to be thrown out and itching.

Do not rush to discard the old furniture and spend a lot of money on buying new! The editors of "Site" will show you inspiring ideas for remaking old furniture.

Restoration of old furniture
  1. From the ordinary to high fashion. A very stylish solution.

  2. This sewing machine you'll find with ease, if not at home, at grandma's. It will make a very beautiful stand!

  3. From the old, shabby bedside tables can make a stylish and comfortable Ottoman!

  4. Old stools and wooden chairs are the perfect canvas.

  5. Mirrors are great to refresh old dresser. Very interesting and easy solution.

  6. Great idea for the garden!

  7. And, you can make children's play kitchen. In the store this is very expensive!

  8. From the old dresser, you can make the modern workplace.

  9. Oakley old wall Wallpaper, paint it, and your room will sparkle anew. No one will know that this furniture is old Soviet junk.

  10. Another idea for reconstruction of old chairs.

All new — well forgotten old. The designers often do restoration of old furniture, because it is not required mgogo time and money. And the result is always wonderful!

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