The effect on your character that which you were born

You have probably heard the opinion that the eldest child in the family grows most responsible, and the only children are often selfish and demanding. Is it true that your character and talents can be directly related to what you child in the family?

Today, Website decided to find out how our character and mind associated with order of birth and are associated, if at all.

The theory about the relationship put forward in the 1920's, Alfred Adler (Alfred Adler), a colleague and friend of Sigmund Freud. According to Adler, birth order of the child in the family is crucial.

  • Firstborn (the eldest child). According to Adler, the first child of a conservative, seeking power and predisposed to leadership. Accustomed to take care of the younger and protect him, he also grows a caring, prone to paternity (motherhood) and often takes the initiative in their own hands.
  • The second (middle) child. He sets the pace for an older brother or sister. Often strives to break records senior. The rate of development is higher. Ambitious and not prone to selfishness. Can set themselves excessively high goals, which increases the number of failures, though often the failure of his only temper.
  • The last child (the youngest). As a rule, surrounded by care and attention from all sides. Can experience a sense of inferiority and a lack of a sense of independence. But he's highly motivated to exceed older. Often one becomes the best in his field (the best athlete or musician) and quickly finds common language with people. Although the youngest can often be more irresponsible and reckless than older children.
  • Only child. Often competes with his father. Usually too long under the control of the mother and expects the same protection and care from others. The main feature of this style of life is becoming dependent on the attention and self-centeredness. They have frequent difficulties in relationships with peers. However, he will not give up in perfectionism, and often he, in spite of everything, achieves the set objectives.

The theory that birth order influences personality and intelligence has become quite popular and shared the opinions of scientists. Some completely disagree, while others believe that it plays a crucial role in the child's character. Scientists from Leipzig University and Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz (Germany) has conducted research and studied more than 20,000 adults from the USA, Germany and the UK. In this study, they compared siblings within families and the order of their birth.

It turned out that older children have higher scores on tests of intelligence, although not as significant. Scientists have found no evidence that birth order affects emotional stability and imagination.

While conducting other studies have found more evidence that birth order affects personality formation. Researchers analyzed the characters of 370 000 high school students from the United States.

The main conclusions that they did: first-borns are more honest and dominant, and less sociable and resistant to stress. Middle children are more conscientious and diligent. And the youngest are open and communicative. Children who was the only one in the family, often nervous, but quite outgoing and social.

In fact, it is recognized that these studies have a number of inaccuracies, as it does not take into account such important social factors as nationality, education, well-being and family relationships. Yes, birth order has some influence on nature because of the different environments in which children are the. But do not forget that the main role still played by the relationship between parents and child and education, which can be individual for each of the children in the family.

Materials Journal of Research in Personality,

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