People together until they both want to be together...

People together until they both want to be together. Neither duty, nor honor, nor morality attracts one person to another. When a person wants to leave, leave and from home and from children, and from a dying crippled. Don't want — there.

When a person wants to be together, none of your weaknesses will not prevent him.

When a person wants to leave, none of your dignity, it will not keep.


No matter how you were ugly and unattractive, there will be someone who likes you. Whatever you were good and desirable, there is always someone who will reject you.

If you are rejected, it means nothing. You do not become worse or less, nothing actually happens. Your man is in the world and he would take you.

If you took, once you break up — not in life, so in death. Cherish what you have, don't worry about losing and don't be afraid to lose.

Rejoice that there is a person that shines to you. St itself — the more light, the less fear, the less fear, the less darkness in the soul.

A sheet that wants to go back to the tree, can swim against the tide and fly against the wind. But the tree will not increase it to the old thread.

The more love, the more love you give, the more remains. If giving love, feel pain, or hatred — then you gave man the poison in the chocolate glaze. It is hardly necessary to demand gratitude for such a gift.

Let go. Let the man to be anything except a mirror of your love — especially since the way it is. To dissolve in your favorite is a rare talent and a rare curse. Be yourself, be decent, forget the fear, one day he still will not return. But not today.

Believe. Trust. Grey. Thanks. Don't think about what might be — only that here and now, in fire and water, under the stars.

Go before from dead love's gonna start to smell carrion. Come before the desire turn into an obsession.


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That is bought for money, is only money. What was prayed, wept, taken away and stolen once taken away off handsomely. What is given willingly, from the heart — priceless.

How to know your man is simple. You will meet and encounter him in the middle of the road. He didn't know. You haven't asked. You found. And where would you have moved before, you are now on the way.published


Author: Veronica Bethan


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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