Paving that collect solar energy

Hungarian startup Platio is a colored modular sidewalk pavement system, the details of which are joined like LEGO bricks, and which is designed to replace the boring sidewalks that exist in today's cities. The system is made from recycled plastic and is rigid pavement coating, which also collects solar energy.


Platio — this is not the first company developing the technology of collecting solar energy with the help of the road surface. In particular Solar Roadways, developing a similar idea for many years, was funded by the Department of transportation of the United States. Platio system is designed more for sidewalks, at least for now, involved in a startup architects and engineers are interested in how to make our cities more sustainable.It is reported that they have already earned $ 70 000 and sold 150 square feet of road coverage.

The system of the road surface collects solar energy through monocrystal silicon cells inside tempered glass. Plastic base allows the system to avoid damage. Modules pavements connected in such a way that does not require additional wiring. Platio notes that "systems are compact and modular connection allows you to create an email contact without additional wiring by using power grid communication systems that connect automatically during installation"

The road surface generates 160 watts per square meter/ Platio offers paving modules in three colors, and is also working on the creation of other innovative systems that collect energy from the footsteps of pedestrians.

Participants ambitious startups do not intend to stop there, their ultimate mission is to "create clean and energy independent future in which we create a new basis for urban life from the perspectives of information society". Other potential projects include holographic information paving, community energy storage and solar facades. published





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