Think of the children

I'm not a psychologist, and written below is just my vision. It's not a theory, I can't protect her, and nothing about it read simply seems to me so.


About how I see the world kids, and what follows from this.


It seems to me that when a child is very young, the whole world is such a strange color pattern, painting abstractionist, because he knew nothing about what this great dark spot is the closet, and it apart from a white spot, the wall, and he stands, and opens and makes noise, and he's dead.

It seems to me, in front of them flows a sort of matrix of sounds, colors, smells, and as you grow, watching, they begin to separate the person he is not person, and then suddenly discover that the hands and face that come to them – together mom, and then mom could leave, and she more and she has a whole bunch more.

I remember when my son started to notice that I change, that is, he first separated the clothes from me pointed and laughed at the new dresses. And then suddenly realized the stockings and burst into tears because mom suddenly disappeared familiar body parts and instead of them appeared new, and small children are afraid of change, and I had to remove and put on tights, to make him understand that they is also a separate thing.

And so in all. Time begins to disintegrate into to sleep and not sleep, then day and night, then onto another smaller bites, and General concepts “is” gradually divided into pieces, and there are breakfasts that eating cereal and toast, and Lunches in which food breaks down into first, second and third, and so on until the entire world is decomposed into understandable pieces of LEGO.

So what I is. For me, understanding this perception makes most clear, the majority of “whims” and other illogical requirements.

It seems to me that the child sees the situation as a whole, as a holistic istogramma, picture. You know, like ours is – that is if you remember my own strong impression – as it is important detail! Here's an example I remember let the horse into a gallop along the beach, still remember, and this picture has it all – and the gray color of the sky, and the noise of the storm, and the smell of horse sweat, and bursting heart the joy of flying and freedom. And if I once more found himself in such a situation, and I would suggest to not go on a horse and a donkey? Or instead of the storm to make a heat and calm?

Here I somehow think that all the small situation for children is much more emotionally coloured than we think, and they are as holistic and inseparable. And when we first told the kid “this is your new Cup,” here, this is a blue Cup, and the voice of his mother, and the pride that he felt, the novelty of some of the emotions – he had this mark. And he again and again wants to experience the novelty of pride, or something else, what is he, a little, first experienced at some point with this blue Cup, and we told him “Yes, what do you care, drink of yellow.” NO! Pride, independence, the first conscious feeling, “I drink myself”, the feeling of the rim of plastic on the lips, the handle of the Cup in his hand, juice in it – all NECESSARILY, but we say “yellow” and we say “who cares”.

Or about the time. Here sits he rolls cars, I say “let's go to bed, time to sleep”, he shouts, “nooo, not hochu”. And I, stupid, boring explain that you need to sleep. But he does not mind to sleep, he against the fact that I destroyed something important and awesome that was happening at this moment. He says no to the abandonment of joy riding cars, that heavy red cars in his hands as she turns the wheels on carpet, I wonder, and he turns them this way and that, and then my mother came up and said “stop that joy.” No, mom, of course, does not say, mom says “go to sleep”, but in fact the mother says “stop that joy.” And if mom says “take the machine with me, let's go upstairs”, he will gladly go, because he does not mind to sleep, he against – give machine.

© Lisa Visser

Know how many times I slashed at the stuff until I learned how to think about it?

Tessa, want an Apple?

– No.

– You wanted?

– No.

And then you realize that two hands of her new babies and Apple is not Apple. Apple = a baby. So I learned to look at these things and say, “you can put baby in the pocket and eat an Apple, and he's in the pocket.” I come up with new interesting istogramma “I eat an Apple and honey in my pocket”, she already feels this new sensation and to put it in your pocket, and feel it through the fabric of the dress, and know that he is there, and think about how he was there in the house, and still have the Apple.” And she bounces lightly from joy and said, “Yes, Yes!” and puts the cupcake in the pocket and takes the Apple, which a second ago didn't.

Is it any worse than a gallop on a horse along the shore of a stormy sea?

I can't even tell you how many conflicts did not take place just because I tried to see the “istogramma” in which the child now and try to save it for him, or suggest a new one.

All of our strongest, most vivid memories are the memories of strong emotions – joy, freedom, strength, lightness, sadness, loneliness, power, loyalty, betrayal, shame, happiness.

For each child the novelty of the development of the world is a powerful emotion, such as strong.

If to see their children live in the selection of cups of the same color or sandwiches only in the triangle – you can learn to know and respect. But if respect – you will be able to guess that the street is not desirable, because under the stairs last time I scared a spider web, and not because he suddenly stopped loving to walk, he just doesn't want to once again go past the cobwebs and relive that fear.


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HAPPINESS is a side effect of normal life

What guests need to leave because all the dresses and one of her in jeans, and it is necessary to solve the problem of how to become a Princess in jeans, because all girls like princesses and not adult stupidity, “well come on, you like a little, be interesting.”

And the toilet did not want because the Hairdryer for hands noise is terrible, not because they do not want.

And want grown-up fork, because when it's the last time you had an adult with a fork, mom looked with his loving eyes and laughed. And need a loving eye, not a fork. But she still does not know, she hasn't separated the loving eyes from the plugs. Therefore, we need a fork.

And we have about fork guess.

It is necessary that the plug to give. published


Author: Olga Nechaeva




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