It took 7 days and some potatoes — perfect skin and a penny for chemistry!

If you're tired of oily skin and a constant struggle with acne and rashes, use this versatile tool. It not only cleanses skin, but also give it a fresh new look!

It's not just about acne, but about how to get rid of bags and dark circles under the eyes, eczema and even wrinkles! Regardless of what you want to say goodbye, our recipe is suitable for everyone.

All you need is a potato. Ordinary raw potatoes, and no cosmetics. Perhaps it seems a little strange, but our method gives clearly visible results within a week.

The best remedy for pridavanie one potato of medium size and a good wash. Don't clean it, as the peel contains important nutrients! Then slice the fruit into thick slices and get to work.

Recipe for beauty
  1. Training
    Wash your face with soap or any other cleanser. After that, wipe the skin dry, and is ready for the procedure.
  2. Massage

    At this stage there is cleaning of the skin. Take a piece of potato and start doing facial massage. Gently RUB it in your skin in circular motions for approximately 10 minutes. Special attention is paid to rough areas, but don't push too hard! You can use a few pieces of potatoes.
  3. Mask

    For the next step you will need the remaining potatoes and a blender. Grind the potatoes, get rid of large pieces, and pour the remaining into a bowl. The consistency can be liquid or like a paste, but it doesn't matter. For greater effect, in the resulting slurry, you can add aloe Vera juice, but in any case, don't add water! Apply the mask on your face and leave to dry for 20 minutes. After that, you can fix the effect and return to the second step massage.

  4. The end
    Upon completion of all procedures thoroughly rinse your face with warm water and dry your skin.

Why potatoes? It's simple: it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are often found in cosmetics. Potato helps with burns and irritation, even when shaving, which is useful for men. Just need to remember that it is better to avoid getting juice in open wounds.

That's all! Potato repeat procedure not less than 7 consecutive days, and the result will not wait! And if you want to achieve even skin tone without using Foundation, we'll show you how!

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