What happens if you give up sugar for 3 days

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Almost every one of us at least once in my life thought about weight loss: someone wanted to look slimmer for the holiday, but someone who was struggling with excess weight for many years. However, the Swedish doctor Andreas Enfeldt suggested to stop trusting food myths and listen to your body, and we are in the Site agree with him.

As you know, we get energy from two sources:

  • from carbohydrates, which include sugar;
  • of fat.
For many years we were told that fat is bad and low fat foods and celery is the only path to harmony. Abandoning sugar, worth a closer look at fats. Happens something interesting:

  • Ceasing to be afraid of fat (in reasonable quantities) and the abandoning of sugar, you will be slim the rest of your life, and as a bonus comes health, energy, great skin and great hair.
  • Significantly limiting consumption of sugar, you will forget as a bad dream, signs with the calorie content of foods. Followers of this way of eating will especially appreciate the waist — that she loses weight in the first place.
Significantly reducing the amount of sugar even for 3 days, you will notice that it is the sense of satiety, you have to eat less food. And many do say that you can't actually get a full dinner — to think about food before the next Breakfast absolutely do not want.

Sample menu for 3 days

  • Scrambled eggs with ham or bacon
  • Boiled eggs with a small amount of mayonnaise
  • Coffee with cream (not less than 22 %) and cheese
  • Cottage cheese (not less than 5 %) with sour cream and berries
  • Pancakes made with almond flour
  • Rolls (a bit of soft cheese, wrapped in a piece of jerky)
  • Salad of green vegetables with olives

  • Meat dishes: cutlets, chops (plain and fried in onions or egg), etc.
  • Soups (excluding component carbohydrate like potatoes or beans)
  • Salad (any vegetables with vegetable oil)
  • Mashed cauliflower
  • Fish (excluding carbohydrate component like breading in flour)

  • Roasted vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, bell pepper)
  • A thick sauce made of eggs and shrimps
  • Kefir not less than 1 % fat, or yogurt
  • Toast with avocado and red fish
  • Any of choices for Breakfast
Remember that all meals are interchangeable, and there is a need as much as you want and when you want. Don't be afraid to experiment and try to prepare familiar foods in new ways.

Adhering to this system for some time, you are surprised to find that they have become smaller by several sizes, I forgot about hunger, get rid of bowel problems and (or) pressure become energetic and full of energy.

And most importantly, you become the master of your body and your life.

And cake now will want much less.

Source Andreas Eenfeldt, LCHF
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