2 secrets of plastic Windows, which you forget to say when you install

It is difficult nowadays to find people who have in the apartment are plastic Windows. Because unlike wood, they retain heat much better and easier regulated. But often when you install new Windows installers are in a hurry to leave, forgetting to mention something important.

Today, the Website will tell you 2 secrets of plastic Windows, which will definitely come in handy in the cold season.

All Windows need to be lubricated Yes, a simple thing, but nonetheless know this is not all. And when the handle or mechanism of the frame start to creak and not work, most of the cause of the master. However, this issue is easy to fix yourself.

At least once a year all moving parts of the Windows should be lubricated with oil. Best oil for sewing machines, which you can buy in any textile store. Just apply a few drops on the moving parts of the window.

At different times of the year mode Windows need to be changed Also, be aware that the fall of the window must be in winter mode, and spring, respectively in summer. It is very simple, and no professional installers here are not necessary.

How to change the mode of plastic Windows

Open the window and locate the locking mechanism. To prepare the window for the winter, need to adjust the axle (eccentric). Hardware Windows have a different, but axles are most often oval or round, they have a key hole.

Insert the hex wrench. Usually these keys are in sets to furniture or to the same window, but if necessary it can be bought at the hardware store, it is inexpensive. Turning the key to the axle is shifted about its axis, thereby regulate the contact force of the frame and pressure.

Often when you install a Windows default mechanism put in off-season mode. To see which mode you have, just clamp the paper sheet sash window. If he is removed, the Windows are in summer mode. If you cannot pull it out without tearing it winter mode.

Why can't I leave winter mode for all seasons? You can do it, but then the details window will soon have to change. In winter mode, the load on the seal increases significantly. If we constantly open and close the window as it do in the warm months, the seal will quickly wear out. And then to the right to change it already just have to call the master.

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