7 secrets of body language that only successful people

Our body has its own language, which may say more about us than words. Studies show that people who speak the language, often success at work and in their personal lives and their level of emotional intelligence is generally higher than others.

We at the Website decided to tell about the secrets of body language that will help in achieving success.

1. Keep right

If you talk you slouch, put your elbows on the table, face in my hands, the other person may interpret it as a sign of disrespect. These gestures are indirectly signal that you are not interested in what you say. But if you sit up straight, it is not only the signal of interest and openness, but also self-confidence. Never slouch — this robs your image of power and strength.

2. Use gestures correctly

Expressive facial expressions and gestures — signs open person, they help me to win over people. But keep in mind that if you exaggerate facial expressions and excessive gestures, people might think that you are telling the truth — that's how our subconscious.

3. Do not cross your arms

When you cross hands on the chest, you send a very specific signal: "I'm not going to give in. With all that you say, I do not agree a priori". Even if you smile and located a companion, crossed arms or legs says otherwise.

4. Stop touching the hair

If you are one of those people who constantly touch their hair, correct them and teasing the strands, immediately drop this bad habit. It demonstrates that you do not feel at ease or head in the clouds.

5. Smile

Of course, smile always and everywhere — not a good idea. But with a smile at the right moment, how would you show that control of the situation and remain calm even if the situation is tense.

6. Competent eye contact

This is probably the most important thing that all should know about body language. If you avoid to look your partner in the eye or you think "runs", that would give the impression that you have something to hide. To eye contact was natural, make small pauses, continuous eye contact is annoying and makes the interviewee nervous.

7. Confident handshake

Never shake hands limply, let your handshake is strong and vigorous. This will signal that you are a person confident and active. Of course, this does not mean that the toes of your colleagues and acquaintances have to crunch during the greeting, all you need to know the measure.

Try to look at ourselves and analyze how you hold during intercourse to rule out all the negative aspects.

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