This photo touched the hearts of thousands of people around the world

This photo shared on the Internet shanna Niehaus (Niehaus Shanna), mother of five Kino (Kainoa). The signature, which shanna found the picture deeply touched thousands of people around the world, and here's why.

"You see what is happening at this very moment? I have never experienced anything like it. Yesterday my five year old son, who suffers from autism, first met with his dog Tornado, which is specially trained to help children with autism. We are Americans, but live in Japan and prepared for the encounter with a Tornado for two years.

In this photo the mother looks at her child. The child that she can't hug, bathe, dress, cuddle, or just to touch him. He voluntarily pressed to his dog, expressing the silent affections.This is the face of the mother, which to date has only seen countless failed attempts of the son to establish contact with children on the Playground to find a friend. Any other. Anyone. She sat for months with my son when he was crying in the night simply because he didn't have anyone outside the family. Despite all his attempts to establish a relationship and sessions with the therapist, nothing could change his world. And now she sits behind a son and silently watching this special moment, her breath caught, and she can't utter a word.

This moment was worth all the fight for special services for my son, all diagnoses, every dollar spent, each filled with papers, all school meetings, each shed tears, each step forward and each step back and all doubts about the future. Don't know how to explain it, but a Tornado I'm sure everything will be fine. I often watched as my son is going through a difficult and painful moments, and the more often I cried because of this. However yesterday I was crying for a different reason. This feeling is beyond words".

S. Niehaus

It is hard to imagine how the mother feels, who can't even hug his son, because any touch would cause him a panic attack. Children with autism find it very difficult to communicate with other people. Why dogs can in some cases come to their aid: they are specially trained. They can calm a child during a panic attack, look after him and to tell parents that need their help. Dogs behave differently towards people, so kids with autism easier to find common language with them.

Autism is not a disease, it is a feature of development. It will not cure medications. But dogs can help people with this problem to overcome part of the difficulties. Their concern, dedication, playfulness and warmth can do a lot for autistic children were able to make contact with the outside world.

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