What we eat actually buying well known products

Daily eating some foods, we seldom think, what is their real value.

The website decided to find out what really is sold under the guise of food.

A small bag of chips

Account of the average potato weighing 90 g.

The average bag of chips

A big bag of chips

Read more about the manufacture of chips can be found here.

Packaged juice

Juice in a carton is not pressed from the fruit. They are made from concentrate by dilution with water. A detailed report can be seen here.


This sauce is based on tomato paste, such as tomatoes it does not happen.

A small portion of fries

A large portion of French fries

Potato wedges

Learn more about the product McDonald's you can.

Carrot sticks

Account of the average carrot weight 80 g.

Apple slices

Account of an average Apple weighs 170 g.

Crab sticks

In fact, crab sticks made from minced fish, mainly from cod. More can be read here.

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