15 products which are considered healthy but actually are not

As well as fashion and other popular industry, food industry follows certain trends and supports, and even creates myths to sell more and earn better.

You can, for example compare "healthy" food different times. Not so long ago, people ate tofu, raw, and diet products, cereals, in General, did everything to remain in form and do not damage the health.

However, once the fashion for these products began to take place, we learned that all of this is not as useful as we thought. Some of these products were even dangerous, able in certain cases to lead to serious health problems.

We offer you a list of fifteen products, which are considered healthy but actually are not.

1. Banana chips is presented as a great substitute for harmful treats. Isn't it better to eat banana chips instead of 300 grams of chocolate? Fruit in any case more useful, isn't it? One problem with banana chips is made by vyzhivanie banana slices. Each serving of these chips contains at least ten grams of saturated fat, which raises our awful cholesterol levels. It is better to eat a fresh banana, and tastier and healthier.

2. Sushi tuna is a great example of how this can be dangerous healthy food in large quantities. Sushi tuna is practically raw product, therefore, contains not many calories, but it is important to know that sushi prepared in a restaurant, contain more mercury than the raw fish purchased at the store. If you overdo it with mercury, you can get the intoxication of the organism and as a consequence insomnia, vomiting, hair loss, hypertension... and the list could fill up another paragraph.

3. Cereals have become almost synonymous with a healthy Breakfast. Many people have given up bacon and eggs in favor of healthy start. However, be prepared granola that we buy in the store is a sham. A serving of these granola gives you about five hundred calories and an unimaginable amount of sugar. So if you really want to eat cereal, buy cereal, some dried fruit, seeds, nuts and enjoy a really healthy food.

4. Energy bars shops are often housed in departments of a healthy diet and products for weight loss. However, these bars will not help you to lose weight. Not only is this not healthy food, but perhaps more harmful than a chocolate bar. Mostly energy bars to help keep the fat in your body. One such bar contains over five hundred calories, the same should contain a normal lunch or dinner. Think about it, buying another bar.

5. When we want to lose weight, we turn to low-fat products. We buy low fat yogurt and believe that doing something healthy for your body. However, if the product is completely remove fat, it becomes tasteless, so manufacturers add sugar. Thus, we eat low-fat yogurt with a huge sugar content.

6. If your body does not accept gluten because of illness, you are forced to choose products that do not contain it. Other people just throw away money buying such food. Gluten free foods often don't contain whole grains, so they have little fiber and antioxidants. Do not buy these products unnecessarily.

7. Sports drinks, there is nothing healthy, because they contain dyes. People find it more useful than a soda. Yes, soda is an absolute evil, are made of sugar and chemicals. But that doesn't make sports drinks something particularly healthy. In addition to sugar, they contain a lot of dyes and preservatives, making these drinks have been banned in Europe and Japan.

8. Whole grain is good because it contains fiber and vitamin B. However, be careful of buying multigrain or wheat products, they typically do not contain whole grains. Cleaned and refined the grain is stored longer, but loses a lot of its beneficial properties.

9. Very good to do at home fruit and vegetable smoothies, there is nothing better for our bodies than natural mixed juices. Home you know what did you make this cocktail yourself and put what you think is right. However, often at home we do not find time for it or simply forget. Buying such cocktails in the stores, you should be very careful, the finished products can contain more sugar than you think.

10. Was once in fashion popcornia diet. Not surprising: many people like popcorn. But microwave popcorn is not the best solution. This product contains high amounts of diacetyl, which is added to artificial butter. It's delicious, but, unfortunately, dangerous. Diacetyl is safe if it is there, but is dangerous to inhale, and holding a bag of popcorn and we, of course, inhaled his scent.

11. Frozen dinner is the perfect solution for those who have no time or opportunity to cook every day. But you need to remember is that frozen foods are bad. They have a lot of salt. Thus treated, the food is absolutely tasteless, so add salt, sugar and fats. Frozen dinners contain a lot of salt and very few nutrients.

12. Many people eat a muffin and think that they are healthier than chocolate bars or sandwiches. However, remember that muffins contain from four hundred to eight hundred calories. If you really like, choose cupcakes with fewer ingredients. The less components in them, the less they will be hidden fats, sugar and calories.

13. Granola is another healthy Breakfast. The main reason to consider it so is good marketing. In fact, in these products typically a lot of sugar. Sometimes sugar in them than fiber, which makes it absolutely useless product. Also remember that bowl of granola contains about six hundred calories. If you really like it, choose the granola with the lowest sugar content.

14. Nuts contain a lot of nutrients and help to overcome excess weight. However, the conversion to oil, nuts completely lose their useful properties. In the processing of peanut butter loses its natural oils and replenishes fats less healthy. The oil also contains much more salt and sugar, preservatives and dyes. If you really need it walnut oil, buy almond.

15. Dried fruit is very useful if you dried them at home. These fruits retain all the vitamins, fiber and minerals. Buying dried fruit in the store, you almost get a sugar. To make its product more palatable, manufacturers add sugar and sulfur to the fruit is not darkened. All of these supplements can be dangerous to health and certainly will not help you to lose weight. published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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