How to grow figs at home on the windowsill

This is a fairly undemanding plant South will delight you with its exotic appearance and tasty fruits, if properly care for it.

Many fans of indoor plants put in the ground seeds and the seeds from eaten fruit and then watch as they grow into young tangerine, or lemon trees for example the persimmon. A possible way of planting and in the case of figs, but wait for the harvest grown from the seeds of the plant you will have five years at best. A more rational option is to buy rooted cuttings of figs, adapted to the room conditions.

First of all, choose to embed the Fig tree, the most lighted place in the apartment – it loves the sun. It is a deciduous plant needs a period of rest in winter it requires a temperature drop to 8-10 degrees, while in summer, the Fig is happiest at about 25 degrees Celsius.

First pot for planting just purchased or your store of seed figs should be not less than a liter. On the bottom is sure to put a good layer of drainage. Soil mixture for figs are prepared from this calculation:

  • greenhouse soil, turf and sand in the ratio 2:3:1.
To transplant it very carefully, because the roots of figs are fragile and delicate.

This plant needs regular watering and feeding. Drying of the soil in the pot with the figs simply can not be allowed, because plants in dry conditions will quickly die of root hairs. So be prepared to constantly moisten and loosen the soil, in which grows this fruit.

In spring and summer, during active growth, Fig trees need regular feeding: twice a month, apply a complete fertilizer. Or make a dressing from a mixture of cow manure and furnace ash, diluted in water and separated at least a week. To fertilize after a thorough watering.

In late October, the figs will fall into a dormant state, so watering should be reduced and fertilizing to suspend until spring. It is advisable to move the plant in a cool place. In February, you need to prepare figs for a new pot, about half a liter more than the previous, and transplant his method of handling. All shoots are cut off about 10 cm exactly above the kidneys, so the plant became more branched.

You'll soon see the emergence of young leaves and then fruits, which are formed in the leaf axils: flowering occurs figs discreet method. Fruit shaped heads of garlic slowly gaining weight and gradually Mature, this process takes about five months. Ripe figs become soft and grows up to 3 cm in diameter.published

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