I think the daughter of Mr. bean looks like this? And here and there

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Everyone is familiar with Mr Bean in the charismatic performance of Rowan Atkinson — he had long conquered the hearts of audiences with their antics, but not everyone knows how to look his 20-year-old daughter Lily.

It is considered that the Apple does not fall far from the tree. The website decided to find out whether this assertion to his daughter, the inimitable Mr. bean.


First, let us remember the most outstanding qualities of a great mischief 9e9706b678.jpg

Mr Bean incredibly funny 70707a91e6.jpg

And is able to convey any emotion, not saying a word 8855a9d429.jpg

And how would look like his daughter? 737f69682e.jpg

Of course, Lily looks different. But you probably imagined someone like that? 47638f3ca2.jpg

Actually, Lily is a talented and beautiful girl. In this photo she is 16 years old 50357ee439.jpg


And it is much more like mom than dad f331ab4901.jpg

Lily has starred in several films together with the Pope, such as "Mr. Bean on holiday" and "johnny inglish: Reloaded"

But Lily did not consider herself an actress. She writes and performs songs

In late November, she held a concert

Lily started to compose music, to sing and dance at the age of five years 087c45bbf9.jpg

And when she turned 14, she decided to turn his hobby into a career and began performing in various shows

We are sure that dad is proud of her.

Photos on the preview twicsy, Reaction image

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