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Fig tree or a fig, fig, fig, fig - all names for the same plant, which is now known to all as figs. Figs are very soft and gentle, in many bones, the more - the more tender and tasty fruit.

Now figs - a very popular delicacy, and it is eaten fresh, like figs and dried fruits in the form. And for good reason. In figs contains proteins and carbohydrates, sodium and potassium, trace minerals iron, magnesium, phosphorus. In the dried figs protein increases up to 6%, and the calorie is increased accordingly.
Useful properties of fresh figs were known at all times, so figs used for medical purposes for the treatment of various diseases.

It is used as a remedy for cough and throat diseases. The soft part of the fruit has antipyretic properties. Due to the large amount of iron, figs is recommended for use anemic, which is accompanied by a lack of iron in the body. After a long illness and exhaustion well restored with the help of fig, those who want to gain weight, you need to include in the diet figs. You can use figs as a laxative or a remedy for hemorrhoids.

Figs need to eat if you have observed tachycardia. Patients with asthma also help figs.

Figs is white and black. For drying, use white figs.
Dried figs for its beneficial qualities are not inferior to fresh figs. Before the use of dried figs should be soaked in warm water overnight. The water is also saturated with beneficial minerals and fruit sugars and becomes healing.

Use all the useful properties of fresh figs to their health and live happily ever after!


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