Broke the product in the store and you are forced to pay? Here's what you need to do first

You are lucky if you didn't happen such incidents, but sometimes customers accidentally break the product in supermarkets. The reason may be a crush, slippery floors, imprudence. If such trouble occurs what to do? The website publishes a useful manual.

The first thing you need to turn to the Civil code, because that's what it States:

"The person who caused the harm is freed from compensation if he proves that the harm was caused not his fault".

You will be surprised, but even the fact that you just went and touched the elbow of the expensive bottle, it may release you from liability, because the store employees do not care about safe placement of the goods. Shelves should be easy to products! Then they will be impossible to accidentally push.

If you broke the goods, immediately check to see if this has occurred for one of the following reasons:
  • you dropped the product, because I slipped on the floor;
  • in the aisles all crowded with boxes and goods;
  • the goods fell with the ribbon at the checkout;
  • the product was located on shelf unstable;
  • if the store area up to 100 sq. meters the distance between the racks is less than 1.4 m, and in stores with an area up to 400 sq m — 2.5 m.
If the spoilage occurred for one of these reasons, YOU are NOT TO BLAME.

You are required to pay for the goods only if your guilt is proven in court. If you are sure that the fault lies with the store, then take the complaint book and describe in detail what happened, not forgetting to specify the time. In this case, the guard has no right to detain you, so you can even call the police.

Remember that in any situation it is important to know about their rights! Do not be lazy to read a few important codes and laws to navigate in difficult situations.



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