Attention — NEW VIRUS epidemic! Every parent should be aware of these symptoms.

In connection with the onset of the first frost, more and more cases of colds and viral diseases. At the speed of sound, the infection spreads in schools, kindergartens and early education centers. Despite the fact that most children are immunized, infectious diseases do not stop developing, they mutate and change in record time.

Enteroviral vesicular stomatits this year there is a surge in such diseases as vesicular enteroviral stomatitis with exanthema. People call it "hand-foot-mouth". On symptoms it is very similar to the common cold: there is fever and sore throat. In addition to these symptoms on the palms, feet and mouth rashes appear red or grayish-white color with severe itching.

The disease is highly contagious and easily spread through contact with saliva or mucus of the patient. That is why she is spreading rapidly in the preschool institutions where children from head to toe covered with saliva and snot. Also, there are cases when students are victims of an insidious virus. The guys share their food with each other and thus distribute it.

Despite the fact that the disease looks pretty scary, people with a strong immune system is enough to have two weeks to yourself to overcome it. At the first symptoms of the disease should be mandatory to consult a doctor. The specialist will deliver an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

To protect yourself from enterovirus vesicular stomatitis, must observe the rules of personal hygiene and ensure that children thoroughly wash their hands before eating and after visiting public places.

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