Caution — threat pose! 5 reasons why not to cross your legs when you sit.

We often hear from people age wise that when you sit, you can't cross your legs. But none of them explains what it can hurt. Today edition "Website" will tell you why this posture is dangerous for the body and how to sit correctly, so as not to spoil posture.

How to sit correctly
  1. Position, in which legs are crossed, has a negative impact on the body. The thing is that in this position the veins of one leg is compressed under the weight of another. Because of this impaired outflow of venous blood, thinning of the venous wall occurs and varicose veins. People who are at risk of blood clots, you should not forget about the posture, in which legs are crossed.

  2. Prolonged stay in this position affects the spine: the lower part is curved. If you sit there cross-legged, in the future it will negatively affect your posture. Also over time may experience pain in the back. To avoid this, doctors recommend to not cross your legs at the knees and near the ankles. Also, sitting at the table, you must observe a number of rules and recommendations. Find out in our article, how to sit correctly in the workplace.

  3. Due to prolonged stay in this position, the heart experiences heavy load, resulting in reduced blood pressure and impaired exchange of blood.

  4. Yogis believe that this posture affects the power of the person: due to incorrect position of the body overlaps the flow of energy between the energy centers of the body — chakras. Believe it or not — everyone's business, but proponents of this theory are quite radical.

  5. This position of the feet is especially harmful for pregnant women. During this period a woman's heart is working for two and due to the crossed legs prevented him from pumping blood for stifled vessels. Because of this enters the fetal blood contains enough oxygen. Women who are carrying a child, it is better not to stay in this position for a long time.

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