The harsh truth of life: 5 lessons that need to absorb every young person.

5 life lessons that everyone should learn young man.

They may not define our present, but the future of the world exactly in their hands. These young, immature minds will soon become politicians, doctors, scientists, chefs, television producers, fashion designers, entrepreneurs and, hopefully, the defenders of freedom. But are they ready for this?

Words serve to Millennials to create a comfort zone, the opposite point of view should be suppressed in the Bud, and any little thing that they perceive as aggression in his address, freaks them out.

It's time for the Millennials to get acquainted with harsh reality and learn the 5 life lessons, otherwise we will get spineless and infantile generation, who will decide the fate of the world.

1. Your insults no one cares

Outside the school and University, nobody will care about your feelings and frustrations. The reality is that people will offend you and hurt feelings, and nobody to comfort you because it is your own business. Life becomes easier when you learn to calmly accept criticism in own address and acknowledge that an alternative view has a right to exist. Believe me, it's better than constantly playing the victim.


2. Not all dreams come true

When parents want to encourage kids to those better studied in school, they tell them that you can be anything you want. Unfortunately, Millennials firmly believe that the way it is — especially since in our society this statement is now also issued for the ultimate truth.


However, actually, if you at 17 years of age and has not mastered the multiplication in a column, of a rocket scientist you will not succeed. If you are overweight and you are not beauty, you don't become prom Queen. If you have not developed fine motor skills, you don't to be a heart surgeon.


There's nothing wrong to admit that not all your dreams come true. Actually, as soon as you realize it, you will be able to focus on achieving real goals and become successful in the field in which you really have talent.


3. You have no right to receive public benefits just because you are in the world

This applies, for example, health, income and housing. Society is not obliged to give you anything just because you struck this world with his presence. The best way to achieve wealth and make a life for myself is hard work, not an appeal to society or government to provide you with these things. Billions of people have lived before you.

For example, if you demand that the government free health care, this means that he will have to pay the taxpayers. In theory it sounds good, but in reality will lead to a quota system, otherwise the medical costs will be exorbitant.

4. You have the right to live as you want, but you cannot require others to approve of your lifestyle

In contrast to the situation with public goods, you have the right to live the lifestyle that you like, if you are not breaking the law. Can wear any clothes, drunk as a skunk, having multiple sexual partners as you please.

The government should not interfere in citizens ' private lives as long as it does not violate the rights of others, but that does not mean that your conduct is protected from criticism. You have no right to require others to keep their opinions to themselves, especially if you do not hide their behavior and be proud of them.


If you have the right to behave the way you want, others have the right to talk about what they think is right.


You have no constitutional right to the protection of your hurt feelings, but everyone has the right to freedom of speech.


5. The only safe place is your home

Hurtful words can be heard anywhere, they never hide. Anecdote overheard in holiday, a small quarrel on the job, altercation in the checkout line. Sooner or later someone will offend your feelings and values. If you can't survive this without losing self control, if every time in this situation, you are in a hurry to take refuge in their comfort zone, away from the hurtful words of other people, it is better not to leave the house.


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However, keep in mind: if you are so afraid of everyday reality, what you will hear in your address on the Internet, you simply destroy. Perhaps better to just accept the world for what it is, don't be afraid to stand up to him and meet face to face.published




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