Why most people will never be able to succeed

Have a lot of money — does not mean to be successful. What really need to life is good?

To be successful means not just to have a lot of money. Many of those who has a huge status, is terribly unhappy and does not know peace.

Success is a question of continuous improvement: themselves, their lives, their relationships with the people around.

So why are most people unable to achieve success? Why the majority does not develop?

What great heights in your development you reach, the more attention should be paid to those few of the things that really matter. However, as said Jim Rohn, "Things are not going well, many just because they are too focused on minor things".


If you want to become successful:

  • You can't be a long time to communicate with passive, unintelligent people.
  • You can't bad eating, whatever the food may prefer your spouse or colleagues.
  • You have to consistently waste my days on what really makes sense.
Success is the art to maintain a balance between the important things (spiritual growth, relationships, finances and physical health), ignoring everything else. And the more successful you become, the less you have tolerance for second-rate pastime.

Until you have achieved this, you can easily spend time with almost anyone.

You can safely eat whatever is on your plate.

You can justify behavior that can't be correct or appropriate.

When you better understand the causes and consequences of their actions, you realize that you have to make some adjustments:

  • You will have to stop spending all the money and time on second-rate stuff and entertainment.
  • You will begin to defer more and more actively invest in the education and their own future.

The more successful you become, the less you have tolerance for things and classes of the second grade.

The higher your ability to concentrate.

Nevertheless, it is important for you to everything you do during the day, it was meaningful, and the more attention you pay to quality.

We are not talking about perfection. It's definitely not on all the time to be busy.

For true success life has to be balanced and you will have to arrange yourself what Tim ferriss calls a "minividas retired", or a regular sabbatical.

But if every day you are wasting time on inferior classes, what do you expect from your life?

You need to carefully approach the selection.

You should pay more attention to relationships.

Each area of your life affects all the other areas as well.

That is why there is a saying: tell me how you do one thing, and I'll tell you how you're doing. This is a very high level of thinking. It only makes sense for people who have cleansed their lives from what they don't like.

In order to actually follow this principle, your ordinary, everyday life should be filled only by the fact that has for you the real value.

When your days are filled only with what is really important to you, and you succeed in these few areas, you by definition have achieved success in all areas of your life — simply because it left only what is truly important. From everything else you gradually got rid of.

You live consciously and consistently.

You do not lose nor fuse, nor balance.

You have become who you really want to be every day.

This not just takes time — it is also extremely difficult to put into practice. It's hard to say "no" to great opportunities, which do not bring you to your destination. Hard to give up bad habits.

In order to change your beliefs and begin to realize the long-term consequences, required a lot of courage. To return to mediocrity so easily!

And yet, when you begin to adopt your values and ideals in daily life, amazing things happen. You feel happier. You spend more time with those you love. You are effectively wasting your time. You fulfill a great dream and realize ambitious goals. You don't give up a minute of testing. Your life becomes meaningful, and all around reflect these changes.

Remember again the words of Jim Rohn: "Things are not going well, many just because they are too focused on minor things". In other words, most people are bogged down in the thick of things.

So most will never reach success. Most are not willing to evolve and grow over themselves.


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But you don't. You know it and can feel it. You have already started down this path, and every day get a step closer to success. Pretty soon you will be able to fully devote ourselves to become better at what you already know, you are really capable of.

When you cross that point of no return, nothing will stop you.published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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