A variety of breakfast (26 photos)

I want to show you a few dishes cooked for breakfast, you may take for yourself something new and srisuete couple of recipes.
What's good in these breakfasts, so this is what they will be able to cook even an inexperienced cook.
Enjoy your meal.
By the way, you eat breakfast in the morning?

Fresh cabbage, green sour apple, dill, lemon juice, olive oil, salt.

Boiled potatoes, melted butter, egg, salt and black pepper.

Although a large literature on the emergence of new "paste" is replete with references to Marco Polo's journey to China, the first documented mention of these products from wheat flour, water and eggs found in Persian literature of the 10th century. There is also a hypothesis that the ancient Greeks knew pasta as "Itria", but what it was, how to cook and how cooked (roasted) there is still no clear evidence. Persian paste called "lakhsha", meaning "slippery" - in everyday descriptions of those years, it describes how people sucked it into his mouth :) a hair's breadth, as today's kids in kindergarten. The word was used over 4 centuries, but in the 14th century almost completely disappeared from use. Since then, the Persians and the Arabs use the word "guinea worm". It's funny that before you completely disappear in the Middle East, the word lakhsha moved (after buyers of furs and Tatar-Mongols) in the territory occupied by the Soviet Union in the future. This north-Caucasian laksa, Ukrainian and Russian Lokshin noodles.

Pasta and tomato sauce (tomatoes, parsley, pungent green pepper, garlic, onion, olive oil, capers and salt).

Chicken breasts are marinated overnight in an aqueous solution of salt, sugar, smoked red pepper, orange zest and oregano. Toasted in a skillet grill 3 minutes on each side.


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