Google has made an online version of the game "Crocodile"

The guys from Google decided to remember his childhood and came up with the online version of the popular game "Crocodile".

We in the Website have already tried their hand and have to warn you: be careful, the work can stand.

The service's called: "Faster, draw!" And the rules of the game is simple to outrageous. You are sagatavots6 things, it may be a toothpaste, a squirrel, a ball, a car, a flower, a face, anything at all. Then your task — 20 seconds to have time to draw a given subject.

In this case, while you successfully selling yourself as the artist hastily bringing lines and shapes, the service says everything he sees on the screen, trying to guess what you depict.

If you miss the word, then at the end you are offered to see how properly it was possible to portray.

Play the game: "Faster, draw!" Source quickdraw.withgoogle

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