WHAT we drink with water

Have You ever thought about what kind of water do You drink? If you thought You could only come to one conclusion that the quality of the purified water – the guarantee of health, and all subsequent text content will not be a novelty for You, but if not thought, then all subsequent data can be interesting and useful for You.


109 kg of chlorine (two bags of chlorine)

Chlorinated water is bad for the esophagus and stomach. Causes skin irritation, allergies, contribute to the exacerbation of asthmatic diseases.

25 kg of nitrates (bag)

In the preparation of nutrient mixtures with water, where there are these substances, infants at risk of severe disease – water nitrate-nitrite methemoglobinemia. Affected the respiratory system and heart

500 g of aluminum (aluminum 5 cups)

Aluminium accumulates in the liver. And also in the vital areas of the brain, leading to serious disorders of the Central nervous system.

3 kg of iron (dumbbell)

An overabundance of iron in the body puts the kidneys. The high content of iron affects the taste of drinking water and gives it a muddy brown color.

1 liter of gasoline (petroleum products)

Under the influence of petroleum products destroy the liver.

27 g of boron (tablespoon)

This chemical element is rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and is excreted slowly. There are serious disorders of the functions of the sexual sphere, both men and women. Water with boron is dangerous for pregnant women, affecting fetal development.

In addition to this "menu" of ordinary drinking water may contain a number of hazardous chemical substances, bacteria and parasites.

Heavy metals present in water in amounts exceeding the maximum allowable concentrations, affect various organs and systems, primarily the Central, peripheral, cardiovascular. Effect this the potency, liver, gastrointestinal tract. Mercury poisons the brain. The presence in water of Nickel and chromium can cause various forms of deformities in offspring, cadmium, arsenic, chromium, radionuclides lead to malignant tumors.

Cadmium is known to also lead to kidney failure and metabolism.

Water with lead also causes kidney damage. The accumulation of lead in the body our bones and teeth. According to scientists, Ivan the terrible died in 50 years, soon after the Italians were held in the Kremlin the first lead water pipes.

The greatest concern about water quality today is focused on pesticides and intestinal parasites.

Pesticides pose a risk in areas where the water comes from underground sources. It is believed that these substances are a risk factor for the development of malignant tumors, especially breast cancer.

Bacterial and parasitic contamination of drinking water has long been considered a problem of developing countries. Increasingly, however, micro-organisms found in tap water in developed countries. For example, a serious problem was cryptosporidiosis (defeat parasite Cryptosporidium parvum resulting from the consumption of tap water).

For HIV-infected persons infection with Cryptosporidium can be deadly. Against these pathogenic microorganisms ineffective even treatment of water with chlorine. In addition to the cryptosporidiosis is a growing problem giardiasis is another infection caused by intestinal parasites and water-borne. Like Cryptosporidium, Giardia is resistant to chlorine and are even more serious problem for individuals with disorders of the immune system.

According to the world Health Organization, the frequency of waterborne diseases is the highest.

But that's not all. In drinking water found high levels of drugs and hormones!

It all started with the fact that in the early 90-ies (!) German scientists-chemists from technical University of Berlin Hans-jürgen Stan and Thomas Heberer found in the groundwater of Germany high the content is rather complicated to manufacture drugs for lowering cholesterol in the blood. Actually, at first they took it for a new modified herbicide, but then conclusively proved that the substance is a drug, really, the way popular among the people.

Scientists have sounded the alarm and rushed to find pharmaceutical giant, dirtied nature. However, such was not close. Moreover, soon the same drug was discovered in the Alpine rivers and lakes of Switzerland, in the area which, in addition to resorts, there is nothing and can not be. But the last there was more than enough, and their owners are not stingy to fork out for additional research. As it turned out, not in vain.

In addition to powders of cholesterol, chemists and environmentalists found in local rivers, lakes and wells is a very effective means to combat obesity; anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen and diclofenac; steroid hormones; contraceptives and the widest range of antibiotic drugs.

Research Mill and Heberer was like a real explosion: to them, no one thought that in ordinary river water may be present in high concentrations is extremely complex compounds, provided of course that they were not thrown by an accident some pharmacological giant. Scientists went to work.

Ecologists from the German city of Wiesbaden for their money tested taken from various areas of Germany samples of groundwater for the presence of sixty of the most common in Europe medicines. The examination for the purity could not stand none of the samples in any contained at least half of the required substances in dangerous concentrations.

There was hypnotics, cardiovascular, antiepileptic and contraceptive drugs, antibiotics, and even used in diagnostic radiology of contracture. Moreover, the scientists themselves said that "this is just the tip of the iceberg, since the study took place only for the most popular medicines".

Really interesting facts? Drinking a glass of colorless, transparent liquid, we very often do not even suspect that we actually drink. Water is the substance that brings life and health. But that's only if we really drink the water alive and clean.




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1. In the current modern conditions of drinking water should be filtered and clean!

2. Drinking water quality can be significantly improved if it is to activate a flint or schungite, as well as the enrichment of the drinking water concentrations of electrolytic solutions of silver.published



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