How to protect shoes from salt: simple recipes for suede, leather and nubuck

Ice utilities generously sprinkle streets with salt mixed with sand to accelerate snow melting and to reduce trauma on the roads. Snow porridge not only makes it difficult to move, but continues to make life difficult even when we come home.

The salt corrodes any natural material. Dries to a snowy slush on the shoes leaves unsightly salt stains, take that it is not so easy (especially on suede). "Just so!" tells how to get salt from shoes to favorite boots last longer.

How to clean the shoes from salt

1. Coming from the streets, immediately wash your leather shoes warm but not hot water. Then wrap the soiled places with paper towels or toilet paper and leave the boots to dry. Emerges the salt will soak into the paper. Brush the dried boots baby cream.

2.To remove salt stains from leather shoes will help a solution of 9% vinegar. Combine vinegar with water in a ratio of 3: 1 and wipe the soiled areas this tool.

3. Castor oil is a popular way of dealing with salt stains. Cleaned and dried the shoes with a soft clean cloth with castor oil. If the white spots do not disappear, repeat the procedure. Then dry brush "comb" the suede.

4. Suede shoes looks impressive, but to care for her more difficult. To clean the shoes from suede, in a saucepan boil some water and hold the boots a while over steam.

5. Remedy for suede and nubuck. Mix 1 tbsp of ammonia with 1 Cup warm water. With a sponge soaked in this solution, carefully wipe the soiled areas. When the surface is dry, clean the shoes with a special rubber brush for suede.

Now, when your shoes again bought seaview and salt stains are gone, clean it with a special paint-impregnation. It will help align the color and forms a protective water-repellent film.



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To smooth the skin choose remedies based on natural beeswax, not the silicones, as the latter spoil the shoes are not worse than the salt. For suede and nubuck suitable care products in the form of a spray.published


Author: Marina Artemova




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