The benefits of castor oil for hair

The beauty of women from several factors. Pay attention to the face, figure, skin and hair including. But how are the hair depends on how care for them. When the hair dye and discolor, their condition changed for the worse, they become brittle and dull. Castor oil for hair will help cope with such problems. It has been used before to maintain the beauty.

The composition and properties of castor oil

Castor oil consists of a very necessary for our body fatty acids. Retinova acid is the basis of about 87%. Contains, of course, other oils, but their small number. But this increases, rather than reducing the value of this oil. Part of: oleic, palmitic, linoleic, stearic, Aksenova and linolenic acid, saturating the hair roots and facilitate their healthy growth.

Depending on the purity of the oil it can be a different color: from almost colorless and yellowish shades to brown. Any oil is good regardless of color. But it is believed that hair care is better to choose a light oil, i.e. more refined.

Castor oil is a very affordable tool. It can be purchased in pharmacies in capsules and bottles. It is cheap, and the price will depend on the volume of the container.

Castor oil for modern women this is a godsend. With its help strengthen eyelashes, hair, caring for skin and even cleanse the body. However, it has its own characteristic, and it consists in the fact that it is not a very pleasant smell and that is bad. The smell may be the reason that some women do not want to use it. But this should not be afraid. You can wash your hair after it some shampoo and the smell will disappear (you can use homemade shampoos).

Use castor massaging modern people are full of stresses, unbalanced nutrition, in addition and bad ecology are the factors which cause hair are like straw. Their tips are cut, the hair is weakened and breaks down, and the once beautiful head of hair becomes dull and unruly. It also adds tools for bleaching, dyeing and hair have no chance to have the natural Shine and health.

Looking for funds to care for their hair, women acquired a lot of different tubes and jars. And many are not even aware that is very close to what they are looking for, and this high cost is not required. A very large use of castor oil, with its help you can escape from the many problems with hair. Castor oil for hair need to use at least once a week, and it will restore the health of their.

Recipes of masks with castor oil for Volosyanka with castor oil and onion against hair loss. In order to do this you just have to combine castor oil with onion juice in equal parts. The recipe is extremely simple, the mixture of oil and onion juice should be rubbed into the scalp. As with many masks, so the effect was better it is to insulate. The mask need to soak the head for about an hour, then rinse.

Mask with castor oil for the hair and lemon. Castor oil is very effective for hair growth, especially if it is slightly on a water bath to heat to a pleasant temperature to not burn the skin. Then the warmed oil should be rubbed into the scalp and along the length of the hair to distribute. While maintaining the mask on the head, it should be insulated. When held for a few hours, then rinse your hair with lemon juice.

Mask with yogurt and castor oil good for hair thickness and normalization of sebaceous glands. In a water bath, heat half a Cup of yogurt. Add a teaspoon of castor oil. The mixture was spread over the length of the hair and thoroughly RUB into the scalp. The mask need to keep under warming cap up to an hour.

Against hair loss. Mixed equal parts of rubbing alcohol and castor oil is rubbed and wrapped with cellophane and a towel. The mask preferably about 6-8 hours to survive, to be most effective. If a mask add the juice of onion or lemon, even on the bald spot can arouse hair growth. While removing the mask rinse the hair acidified water.

Castor oil gets rid of dandruff. Against this unpleasant phenomenon will help to rid the solution of tincture of calendula and castor oil in equal parts. The solution should be left on the head for half an hour. The mixture is rubbed and spread over the entire head and hair.

What they say about castor oil?From the comments about castor oil for hair those who have applied, do you understand that this is a wonderful tool. Even applying it once already to say good combing, luster, etc. And at the repeated application of castor oil on hair, noted that they are beginning to grow rapidly. Hair get great food with a castor oil fatty acids.

Everyone wants to maintain beauty, but the purchase of expensive equipment it does not need. National means-tested cope with any problems. They really prolong the life of each hair, making them healthy, strong, sturdy and able to resist negative factors. Castor oil can replace all that is needed to care for the scalp, hair, except shampoo of course. But it is also better to prepare yourself, using natural products.



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