Saving electricity in the house: ways and means

As soon as it comes about saving money on utility bills in the head immediately come the amount of electricity bills that with the onset of winter weather does not become less. Include heaters and lighting, because it's cold and dark much earlier. And outside the walls of the house spend their time is also not desirable: at home and more comfortable, and warmer.

We will not consider drastic energy savings, which is expected to be conducted every evening in the yard, and discuss simple ways to reduce the amount in the payment for "light".

The costs for electricity to decrease. And I urge you to intervene in the operation of the counter: so, instead of saving you can earn a large fine. It's much simpler to use a reasonable, and most importantly — completely legal methods. First, if during the day, less use of lighting — electricity costs will also be less. Consider whether you need all of the rooms heavy Drapes and curtains that prevent natural light.

Second: if you have incandescent bulbs, replace them with energy saving bulbs. First — the cheapest, but at the same time they are the most expensive. Another option is to use fluorescent and led light bulbs. They are more expensive than incandescent bulbs, but have longer lifespan and, therefore, will be repaid through energy savings.

Third tip: use local lighting instead of the usual light from the chandelier. Sconces, lamps, lights on the bar counter or under kitchen cabinets, the use of led strips will give your home a more cozy, and help reduce costs. And Yes, don't forget to clean the lamps in the house from dust. This is not only conducive to the healthy climate, but also facilitates the influx of light.

If you have a country house — make the house, in the yard and on the site timers or motion sensors. The same sensor can be installed in the hallway of your apartment. Recently on the territories of private households also took advantage of the lights that store solar energy. They do not require complex installation and do not provide bright light, but will not remain in the dark: you and your guests will see where we go, and in most cases is enough.

With the outer side of the question, we understood, now let's move on to household appliances that we have in our house. Old holodilniki replaced by a new one, even if it does it works quite well. For optimal energy class it is best to stay on the class A++ or even A+. These refrigerators more than 30% more economical than their more adult counterparts. In addition, if you provide proper ventilation of walls, your fridge will be less warm. Don't put it on the stove or in a niche and don't put it in the still hot meals, it can also reduce your costs.

Washing machine - another power hungry device. Will tell you absolutely for sure that many things and many kinds of dirt perfectly satisfied with this content at a temperature of 30-40C. And even so longer retain their neat appearance. Kitchen: it also has its own little secrets. Another way to save money is the use of induction stoves, it consumes less energy. The warm water in the kettle, not the stove, and the kettle is clean from scale. It's easy to do, poured water, a little citric acid, and boiling. Will Shine like new!

The vacuum cleaner also need to be cleaned more often to avoid overheating.

Underfloor heating also saves you money, as they are more economical than oil heating. The house itself does not prevent warm in the winter.

Certainly, reading this article, you may think that too expensive to make such changes to your home, even in order to save. Appliances is not cheap, and the installation of warm floors is a temporary inconvenience to all family members. However, if you consider the fact that the electricity we have more expensive mostly once in six months — the cost will not seem so global. And let the payback period of your efforts will be long — you will notice that the result is, you came to him completely honestly.





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