When the pain gets quieter...

Whatever we were "designed", older, smart and a lot of understanding, sooner or later, as the devil from a snuffbox, jumps out the situation, which might hurt us emotionally.

And not only can, but hurt — or we on it "Ranitsa", but none of that matters... And it can be some, in the opinion of party people, this is absolutely ridiculous, not worth nothing but hurt you. And it's not always possible to do something with the situation, which became a source of pain.

And in these moments it is important not to tear yourself up over something that you're hurt over such a "trifling matter", and that these experiences — these "kids" are "wrong" — see other.

And to admit that you hurt and seek solace, if not to be comforted himself. And comfort is not in "all is well" and "alas, it happens, dude, and I feel for you".

So the child falling off a bike, crying, and does not need the analysis of "where are you watching!" and "be careful!" and that a hug and said, "Yes, it is painful and unpleasant — falling off my bike...".

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Debriefing is better to leave at the time when the pain will be quieter. It is very hard to sympathize with her — and that little child in us, which is now bad... Wrinkle their nose and look away from yourself — such a confused and pathetic — simple.

Like banal words, but I have to remind myself and others. Eternal idiotic illusion that if you brutally and ruthlessly deal with ourselves, we will become better.published .


Author: Ilya Latypov


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