10 most beautiful Hollywood Actresses over 50

In American cinema still has a place for the women, and some of them are stars for decades.

We present ten most beautiful Actresses over 50 years old.


Lea Thompson (55 years)

When Robert Zemeckis filmed "Back to the future", he reasonably judged that the role of parents of the main character need to get young actors. That they in a few scenes from "the present" played in makeup, and in scenes from the "past" – without makeup.

So the role of Mrs. McFly got Lea Thompson, who was the same age as the performer of the main role of Michael J. Fox. Fox. Of course, now the actress is no longer needed sostarivayut makeup to play the mother of the family in the TV series "switched at birth". But it still looks decent enough – even against their young on-screen daughters.


Ming-Na Ven (52)

The voice of disney Princess Mulan, Ming-Na Veins and now works for the Disney Studio. It plays a key role in the superhero series "Agents of shield". There her character Melinda may radiate more strength and wisdom than sexy, but that doesn't mean she's sexy enough.

Just power and wisdom even more! Chinese born in Macau known for her role of Dr. Chen in the TV series "er." In General, the role of the Veins is not as much as might be the actress her age, but this is a disaster of Hollywood who appreciates star with an Asian appearance is less than European women.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus (55)

The American President never was so beautiful as a comedienne Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the sitcom "Vice-President" (her character begins as Vice President, but eventually heads the country)!

Film roles in her filmography a bit, because she, in particular, spent ten seasons in the cult sitcom "Seinfeld" and five seasons in the less successful sitcom "the New adventures of old Christine". By the way, now say that hilarious President/Vice-President Meyer can become the main contribution of Louis-Dreyfus in the art of the American telemetery. Julianne Moore (55)

Last year Julianne Moore after four failed attempts still received the "Oscar" for his medical drama "still Alice". This and some other recent role, Moore was calling for her acting talent, not for make-up artists and costume designers that help make the stars sexier.

But then, Moore and beautiful, good to look, even in images of a dying woman in "still Alice", the insane mother in "Telekinesis" or harsh warriors in the final series of "the hunger games". Also it is part of a very small list of stars of the award-winning all three major European film festivals – in Cannes, Venice and Berlin.


Gina Gershon (54)

Not a star of the first magnitude, but a pretty popular actress, Gina Gershon has reached the peak of his career in neowarra Thriller "Communication", which became a ticket to the Grand cinema for Directors Wachowski (we will not specify who are there now brother and sister...).

In recent years, Gershon plays in the low-budget independent film, and also appears on television. For example, she recently starred in three episodes of "Z Nation". Her main achievement in recent years is considered a criminal film "Killer Joe", which earned her several awards.

Monica Bellucci (51)

Formally, the Italian Bellucci is called a star more European than Hollywood movie. But the actress and model played one of his first film roles in Hollywood's "Dracula", and she still finds time to work in Europe and in the United States.

So, she was a secondary character in the sequels "the Matrix", the villain in "the Brothers Grimm", the main character of "Shoot ' em" and woman bond in the recent "007: Spectrum". In the latter film, Bellucci made a stronger impression than much more time spent on screen Lea seydoux.


Courtney Cox ('52)

If the TV series "Friends" someone held a beauty contest, the black-haired beauty Courteney Cox would be a great chance to win. TV star long before the premiere of his legendary show, Cox continued mainly to work on TV, and after "Friends."

So, from 2009 through 2015, she played the main role in family-romance sitcom "Cougar Town". However, Cox is also known for her role as Gail in the horror series "Scream". This year she appeared on the screen in the independent drama "Mother and daughter".


Marisa Tomei (51)

Whether deserved got Marisa Tomei an Oscar for her role in the 1992 Comedy "My cousin Vinny"? This issue is still being discussed, and in 1993 altogether there were rumors that her name was in the sealed envelope, due to technical errors. On the other hand, when in 1987 Tomei made his Broadway debut, received the award for his debut, so she even in the beginning of his career was not "just a pretty face".

Now, the actress has spelled out in kynoselen Marvel in the role of the aunt of spider-Man, and I think this is the first in the history of aunt may, who looks like a grandmother and like the heroine of erotic dreams.


Salma Hayek (50 years)

Joined the list of Hollywood veterans Salma Hayek is famous in the world thanks to "Desperado" and "From dusk till dawn". The native of Mexico has always been primarily known for its sexapil, but do not forget that Hayek was also nominated for "Oscar" for a picture of the artist Frida Kahlo in the biopic "Frida."

However, she has a nomination for a "Razzie" for "Classmates 2". Her most recent role, we, unfortunately, did not hear. She voiced Teresa the Taco in the cartoon for adults "the Full raskolbas".


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Sandra bullock (52)

You can sneer at the fact that Sandra bullock does not appear on the screen in his most commercially successful film – a recent cartoon "Minions", where she voiced the main villain. But in the current Hollywood it's business as usual. In addition, bullock is clearly not one of those stars who is hiding in a recording Studio and hardly appears in the frame.

She has an Oscar for the sentimental drama "the blind side" and nomination for "Oscar" for the recent "Gravity," which were roles bullock. Total fees of her films has already exceeded five billion dollars. It all began with such films as "Breaker" and "Speed". Now bullock is preparing to lead the troupe crime tape "Eight friends of ocean" – an all-female branch of the cycle, "ocean's Eleven".published


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