The man stuck a piece of tape to the glass... some time Later, a miracle happened!

Especially for lovers of needlework our editors found the universal idea of how to give second life to an old dish! Rather, buy the necessary materials and start the creative process of decorating.

Decor посуды

You need
  • paint with the effect of a frozen glass
  • foam
  • wool
  • medical alcohol
  • transparent dishware

  1. Carefully wipe the glass surface with alcohol and a small piece of cotton.

  2. Stick to the outside of the glass or any other transparent bowl a piece of tape to separate the filled from the unfilled surface. You can experiment, put an unusual pattern with adhesive tape.

  3. Using a small piece of foam, apply the paint outside on the glass surface.

  4. When the paint is completely dry, carefully remove the strip of masking tape.


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