20 photos of celebrities who suddenly turned out to be peers


Sometimes watching the lives of celebrities, we do not realize that some of our Pets share something more than a meeting on the red carpet and collaboration. But besides this, many of them connects, and age.

The editors of the Website can't believe these celebrities were born in the same year.

Paul Rudd and Matthew Perry is 47 years eb13213505.jpg

Halle berry and Cynthia Nixon — 50 years d091430908.jpg

Emma Watson and Margot Robbie — 26 years 9679d463dc.jpg

Jared Leto and Ben Affleck — 44 years 9ddc2a27ba.jpg

Anna Kendrick and Scarlett Johansson is 31 years 8bc8733873.jpg

Samuel L. Jackson and Richard Gere 68 e3b163e489.jpg

Jennifer Lopez and Renee Zellweger — 47 years 1cff8b73fd.jpg

Daniel Radcliffe and Luke, Brace, 27 dc7d8a635e.jpg

Ellen DeGeneres and Madonna 58 98ef72139f.jpg

Mario Lopez and Adrien Brody is 43 years 7a228d14d8.jpg

Sandra bullock and Laura Linney — 52 739775de89.jpg

Pharrell Williams and Eric Dane — ' 43 b0aef2fc61.jpg

Eva Mendes and Amy Adams is 42 years 1ce21a1658.jpg

Shemar Moore and Nick Offerman — 46 years 4374feca2e.jpg

Gabrielle Union and Portia de Rossi — ' 43 24a4f23770.jpg

Tom cruise and Jim Carrey — 54 years 21dad04566.jpg

Kourtney Kardashian and Katie Holmes is 37 years 342f65e517.jpg

Natalie Dormer Britney Spears is 34 years d9357488d3.jpg

Angelina Jolie and Chelsea Handler — ' 41 69a41de83c.jpg

Gwen Stefani and Jennifer aniston — 47 years f3685dc38e.jpg

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