Dad and daughter sent the best photos from mom's trip


When my mother — even briefly — leaves the house, there takes place a real chaos. Well just what dad this chaos to arrange a lot more interesting. A resident of Tyumen with his daughter came up with the photos in instagram, which demonstrates that they have the house "all is well".

The website offers a look at what looks like every day in the absence of a mother.

When mom went on a business trip, the father of 7-year-old daughter decided to make a photo report to show how things are going at home. d6d69c6d50.jpg

Every day they send one of the photos that "do" housework and have fun. 6bfaf019f2.jpg

"Our mom loves when the house order and cleanliness, and then we do what we want", says Marat. f604b4d6a2.jpg

In recognition of Marat, with his daughter he was not the first time. Together they often go on trips and send mom an unusual video. f0aef19905.jpg

"The creation of one photo takes about 30 minutes," — says Marat. 289ff06e79.jpg

And ideas images-father and daughter helps to bring to life photographer Eugene Schultz. 389b20d164.jpg

Oh, get someone when mom comes back. But it was fun! 5618d34b12.jpg

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