15 evidence that to every thing in the house has its place

In fact, the disorder most often occurs not because of laziness or carelessness, but because we don't know how to store our stuff, especially in small apartments.

The website found for you 15 evidence that the building has to find its place.

The ability to compactly fold things will help to free up space in the wardrobe

To bring wardrobe in a neat appearance and make room for new acquisitions, you need not only time to get rid of the unnecessary, but also the right to post what you regularly use. This article contains video tutorials that will teach you to compactly fold all sorts of things — from socks to bedding.

Dividers for drawers and shelves will save you from the chaos

So you will be able to group all things on the size and purpose that will allow you to spend much less time to find the necessary. And this article will tell you more ideas on how to finally restore order in the closet.

There are hidden places for storage

It is no secret that the space under the bed ideal for storing bedding and other items, but some people manage to make it a closet is a great solution for small apartments. Here is a video that shows how you can implement this idea with minimal costs.

Office supplies will find a new life as a convenient organizer for kitchen

Dividers for compact discs is perfect for lids from plastic dishes — they were no longer lost. More tips on how to "make the most" of kitchen space, you will find in this article.

Decorative baskets or containers will accommodate all the things you use every day

It will be easier if you will sign every box, basket or plastic container, then find the right thing is not difficult. Elegant boxes you can not buy, and to make your own out of standard cardboard boxes with self-adhesive film or fabric. Here is an example of how this is done.

Shoes can be stored outside of the boxes and

If you have a lot of shoes, but not so much space for all the boxes, you will come to the rescue of a regiment that is not hard to do with their hands.

Things that are used daily, don't need to hide

What you need every day, such as favorite jewelry or cosmetics, not necessarily to hide. They can be nice to lay in bought or homemade organizer.

For each trivia has its place

Hangers for ties, belts or beads will take up very little space in a Cabinet or on the wall, but with them nothing will be lost and won't wrinkle. These hangers you can buy or make your own.

Wire baskets are indispensable in the kitchen and in the bathroom

These baskets are great for storing household chemicals and bath accessories and convenient because they can be used in suspended.

Even in the smallest rooms can be equipped with storage space for

Extra space storage can be arrange almost anywhere, even on the shower curtain. The user manual can be found here.

Necessary but unsightly items can successfully enter into the interior

It does not matter if you have no closet or Laundry room and nowhere to put a separate closet for mops, brushes and other implements, — there's always a way. For example, the Ironing Board can be masked by the mirror.

Every corner there is good use

These places can be very useful approach for the arrangement of shelves and racks. But how do you make a small corner shelf.

To store packages in the package not necessarily, there are other ways

For most of us, he is still there, but it's so sloppy. Here are 15 ideas that will help you properly organize the storage of packets.

Pillowcases will help to clean up the linen closet

Another proof that all ingenious — is simple. Store each set of bedding in a pillowcase from the same set, and you no longer have to rummage in the closet, gathering together the scattered sheets and duvet covers.

The kitchen will be tidier if you make a separate container for loose products

Instead of storing sugar, cereals and pastas in bags and boxes from which they are often scattered all over the kitchen, better to buy some nice tanks. Do not forget to wash them periodically.

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