Find for country comfort! 19 plastic bottles — and a new pouf is ready!

You probably know that not all plastic bottles are recyclable. "Site" with respect and love for our planet and invites you to use unnecessary plastic to create a cottage or home interior, namely, to make the hands wonderful Ottoman out of plastic bottles!

How to make an Ottoman of your rugamite need
  • 19 the same size plastic bottles
  • adhesive tape (Scotch)
  • stapler
  • 2 plywood sheet
  • printed material (any)
  • fabric for covering
  • material for decorating

Step by step instructions
  1. Take 7 bottles and tightly connect them together with duct tape. Then surround the rest of the 12 bottles and also seal them with duct tape.

  2. Now put the plywood sheets. Of them should be cut out circles that will match the diameter of the seat of the stool, so — do them 2-3 cm larger than the diameter of the circle that bonded together to create the bottle.

  3. Put each of the plywood sheets to the bottles, top and bottom, covering the bottom and creating a solid Foundation for the seat. Then drilled in sheets of 9 holes to the plastic and fix the entire team structure with screws.
  4. Then go to the material covering. Best suited fleece or polyester. From top to bottom wrap material to the entire surface of the puff and fasten the trim at the bottom of the Ottoman using the staple gun. On top leave a space for stuffing.

  5. The filler may be any soft material. Thickly spread it over the entire surface of the seat of the Ottoman. You can then cover the printed material with cloth covering, securing it with a stapler.

  6. Choose at their discretion a suitable material for decorating the poof. Preliminary measurements of the diameter of the seat of the Ottoman taking into account plating and printed material, as well as leaving 2 cm for the seam allowance fabric (the binding), proceeded to cut two circles. Then take another piece of material and cut from it "cylinder", which will be decorated pouf.

  7. Get to the creation of the case. First, carefully connect the edges of the cylindrical part, and then attach the fabric to the bottom of the cylinder.

  8. Then put the cover on the pouf to the bottom of the hassock was covered with material, and the top remained naked.

  9. The final touch: the upper circumference of the cover (seat) gently attach the stapler to the rest of the case.


This straightforward method can be done not just the beanbag with their hands, but also a sofa for the soul of the company!

Now you know that you can make from plastic bottles!

Share this unusual idea with your friends! They'll appreciate your fresh look on familiar things.

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