11 everyday things, the purpose of which we were unaware

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We use these things daily, but sometimes do not pay attention to obvious details or just don't know what they are.

We in the Website have already learned, why do we need the arrow on the fuel gauge and what make indentations in the bottle. And ready to share with you.

Why the arrow on the fuel gauge

This arrow came up with automakers to determine which side is the gas cap, without going out of the car. Very convenient if you just bought a car or borrowed it from a friend or rent. But is it not in all cars.

Why the need for rivets on the pockets

Jeans were originally produced as sturdy work clothes for miners and prospectors. I found one problem: under the weight of nuggets and tools pockets could not withstand and exploded at the seams. In order to prevent this, and was invented by rivets.

Why in the stapler this item

Stapler in "normal" mode to keep the document stapled inside. If the silver to turn the platform 180°, the staple will be bent outward. This is intended for a temporary fastening sheet below the bracket can be easily removed without damaging the paper and fingers.

Why the hole and the teeth on the end of roulette

A hole designed in order to be able to hook the tape over the screw or nail and measure the distance.

And the teeth will help to make a mark during measurement, if you don't have a pen or pencil.

Why you need a hole in the bottom of the castle

Usually padlocks are used on the street, and through this hole poured the water that gets in the castle in rainy weather, otherwise the mechanism inside would be rusted. It is convenient to lubricate the lock.

How to check whether got water in the phone

Many batteries are equipped with special moisture indicator is a small square or circle that changes color from light to red when wet.

The iPhone starting with the iPhone 5 it is the connector for SIM-card. To better see the indicator contact with a liquid, you can use a magnifying glass with lighting or change the lighting angle of the device until the indicator is clearly visible.

Why are projections on the keys F and J

They are needed for easy printing: when a blind desatualizados the method of recruitment these keys are basic, they are index fingers.

How to tear off the stickers

If you tear off the stickers on the bottom, edge wrapped and sticker after some time unstuck. To avoid this happening, to tear off a post-it on the side, along the Velcro.

Why would the iPhone need this hole

The opening on the back between the camera and the flash, second microphone. And he needed to deal with the surrounding noise and to purify our speech during a call from a foreign drone.

Why stick with a through hole in the press for garlic

It's not just a garlic press, but also a device for removing pits from cherries. In the hole located at the handle end, put cherries. When you press the handle pin, which is located on the opposite side pushes the bone.

Why make indentations on the bottom of the bottle

This indentation is called a punt, and there are several reasons for its existence:

  • Previously, due to the lack of special equipment was very difficult to manufacture a bottle with a flat bottom, and had the edge of the source material in the blowing "fill" inside the bottle. It caught on and became a sort of tradition.
  • Prolonged aging of wine, a precipitate and is collected in the grooves around Punta and there is delayed in the bottling of wine by the glass.
  • On the bottles of champagne or sparkling wines it distributes the pressure inside the bottle, reducing the load on the "seam" between the bottle wall and bottom.
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