10 mistakes that prevent our house look perfect

Clutter is our enemy. And the enemy must know in person. Therefore, we at Website we offer you to look at the best 10 riders of chaos that plague our cozy home look even more attractive and tidier.

1. Inept disguise flaws

Sometimes it may seem that to close the cluttered shelves with a curtain — great idea. Believe me, it is not. Often a temporary solution to the problem of clutter looks outdated and awkward.


It is better to disassemble the shelves and put things in order. Then you will not get in an awkward position if a guest accidentally pull back the curtain to appreciate the "view from the window."

2. Storage means cleaning in one place

Sometimes we think that to gather all cleaning supplies in one Cabinet — good idea. But if your house has several rooms or floors, it will bring you more inconveniences than benefits.


Keep at least one spare sponge and more detergent in the bathroom or in the kitchen. This will help to remove specific stains immediately rather than to defer to General cleaning.

3. Plastic storage containers in a conspicuous place

Clear plastic containers are perfect for storage. But to put them on open shelves — not a good idea. First, their content is perfectly viewable, and secondly, the variety of colors will give the room the impression of neglect and clutter.


Transparent containers — for closed cabinets, open shelves, an opaque baskets or boxes. But it is better to reduce the number of open shelves in favor of the closed cabinets.

4. Shelf out of reach

In the shelves themselves, of course, is nothing wrong. But if you provided for storage of everyday things a few shelves near the ceiling, it is likely that to use them you will not, and all things lie in the mind.


Express inaccessible shelves for things you use a couple of times a year, and for the daily needs you are always at hand to be convenient places of storage.

5. The abundance of wall hangers

Wall mounted hooks is very convenient. Primarily because eliminates the need to go to Cabinet. So that soon all the contents of the Cabinet can migrate to them.


Do not hang extra hooks where you can do without them. Remember, they remains a constant source of confusion, the more of them in the house — the harder it is to find the right thing and force myself to finally hang in the closet.

6. Storing seasonal items in opaque bags / boxes

As you may have guessed, the catch here is that it is impossible to guess the contents of the opaque package. As a result, the search for a warm scarf can turn into hours-long quest to Eviscerate all carefully laid things.


The output is very simple: use only transparent bags.

7. Ignoring the opinions of family members

Yesterday you have put in the wardrobe perfect order, and today the husband turned everything upside down to find his tie? Of course, because you didn't tell him about your storage system. Even if you thought it was intuitive, not the fact that it find the rest of the family.

The solution:

Do not forget not only to introduce households into the swing of things, but to consult with them, if we are talking about things of common use. Not all decisions that seem convenient to you, can be that way for the rest of the family.

8. Replacement order purity

Order and cleanliness always go hand in hand. But one does not follow from the other. If you have washed the flooring, but left things scattered around the room, washed the dishes, but left her in the mess to dry on all horizontal surfaces — you have achieved purity, but the room will still look cluttered and messy.


Don't forget to lay things on the ground, and then your house is not only clean, but neat.

9. Heterogeneous and nesochetaemoe designer jewelry

Purchase decoration items often occur impulsively. Something like, something bought, something you brought to the memory from the trip. Often these things are among themselves combined, and converted apartment in a strange mix of East market and antique shops.


Select from several decorative items combined with each other or made in one style and place them in a prominent place. Temporarily remove the rest. Don't worry, you don't have to get rid of memorabilia, every season you can change one set of jewelry to another, at the same time updating the interior and refreshing forgotten memories.

10. Only one light source

In fact, even the most tidy apartment will not look very cozy, if in the evenings the only source of lighting will be energy-saving light bulb from the ceiling.


Add a floor lamp, a sconce, or at least make a wall garland. A source of additional warm and soft light will instantly give the room a new mood, besides, it will allow you to vary the degree of illumination depending on the situation.

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