As One Who shifts the Upstairs card: 2 amusing stories of life

One million five hundred fifty seven thousand one hundred seventy nine

What is our life? Solitaire! The website publishes a few fascinating stories about amazing coincidences. Fun to watch, as One Who shifts the Upstairs map. For example.

One Ivanov bought an apartment in a new house, lived there for ten years, neighbors did not speak, actually had no idea who the neighbor is and who is not, the memory is not rubber, what is it nonsense to clutter.

Last fall I came home from work, hungry, exhausted, stepped into the Elevator for a woman.

A lift drove a couple of floors, twitched and stood up.

And the light went out.

Called for help, waited in anxious silence, and then Ivanov sniffed and couldn't help but ask, what is that smell?
The woman said, sorry, day, even to eat do not have time, went to the store, I couldn't resist, bought the half smoked chicken, it seems to be well Packed, but still smells.

And added:

— You want a drumstick?

— I want, — said Ivanov.

The phone will Shine, will be able to cut? — asked the woman — I wing, wait, now the wipes in the bag I find.

The chicken ended quickly, silently puffing in the dark, awkward, and Ivanov made small talk: he asked you to visit someone or for business?

The woman chuckled and said tenth year, they say, live on the same landing you from the Elevator to the right, and I left.

Now exchange your odnushki on the ground, seems to be promising option in the same house, only the entrance is different.

Or here's another.

One Ivanova was divorced.

Peacefully share acquired good did not work, went to court.

Remember how bursting with fire Ivanov said: "the Judge called! sits a bald, in glasses, nasty like this, I knew immediately whose side he was on, immediately!"

In short, Ivanova wanted to justice, and the judge decided according to the law. Sexist damned.

And after the meeting, Ivanov, with its violent temperament expressed bald bespectacled all she thinks about mysogonistic from the law in particular, and the male chauvinist pigs in General.

Finished a fiery speech saying, "What, nothing to say? The truth hurts! You can arrest me! You have to become! I'm not afraid! You can even hard labor to throw!

What the judge said, "I Can, but, you see, Ivanova, I have a soft heart, I feel sorry for other convicts, they are already punished."

Recently learned that Ivanov married a second time. For the judge.

Here we have the voting. Half thinks that it's love, rest assured — retaliation.



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