How to improve your appearance — 10 simple tips

The proposed course for improving their appearance for 30 days. So, let's get straight to the point.

Tip # 1

Every morning, on an empty stomach, eat 1 tablespoon of Flaxseed. Carefully chewing and drinking a glass of warm water. After half an hour you can eat.


What does it mean?

This tool cleans the body, making the skin becomes more smooth and fresh. There will be a slight, but healthy weight loss. Also, flax seed strengthens hair and nails.

Attention! Flax seed should not be consumed in the presence of stones in the body.

Tip # 2

Daily eat salad of boiled beet. For Breakfast or dinner, as is convenient.

What does it mean?

Beet is a unique blood purifier. And healthy blood is an important indicator of beautiful appearance. This tool also has a positive effect on the skin and the internal organs.


Tip # 3

Every day for an hour before bedtime, apply on face the mixture of glycerin and vitamin E. the Mixture is easy to cook:

  • 30 grams of glycerol, take 10 capsules of vitamin E;
  • capsules poke with a needle and squeeze the oil in bottle.

All of this can be purchased at the pharmacy at a low price.

Before applying the tools you need to cleanse your face and make a gentle massage with a soft brush to the surface blushed slightly. In this state, the cells absorb maximum nutrients.

There is one drawback — the skin becomes a little sticky until the glycerin is absorbed. To alleviate discomfort, sprinkle the skin a refreshing tonic.

What does it mean?

Every morning you will observe the appreciative reaction of the skin to such a diet. Wrinkles will smooth, and the color lining. Very effective against "crow's feet" around the eyes.

Tip # 4

Every day eat at least 50 grams of nuts. Any that you like.


What does it mean?

Hair and nails will thank you so much after 2 weeks.

Tip # 5

Every three days, do hair mask from dry mustard powder, diluted to the consistency of porridge with vegetable oil (preferably burdock or wheat germ). Apply to wet hair, hold for 20-30 minutes, wash off.

What does it mean?

The result of this mask speaks for itself. And after a month of regular use, you just won't find in a luxurious wave of their previous hair.

Tip # 6

Get yourself socks to sleep. Of natural fibers. Cotton or wool. Depending on the time of year. Before bed after a shower, abundantly lubricates his feet with butter with a few drops of peppermint oil. Then put on socks and go to bed like this.

What does it mean?

After a month your legs will be the subject of envy and admiration. This procedure, passed a month before beach season, will stand you in good stead. You will be able to proudly display their bare feet.

Tip # 7


Now to take care of the cilia. You'll need an empty tube of mascara. Good my it inside with the help of native lathered brush. Dry. Dripping inside wheat germ oil. All! Ready home remedy for strengthening and growth of your tired paint, eyelashes.

Before bed apply the oil over the entire length. Tassel to do it very conveniently. Don't need too abundant application. Quite quite a bit to lubricate the hairs.


What does it mean?

In a month you will see that the eyelashes are thicker, older and obviously cheered.

Tip # 8

Take care of the skin of the body. Take one Cup of sea salt (although common, sodium chloride with iodine), add one Cup of thick cream.

After bathing, wearing the mitten-loofah, carefully massaging the whole body, including the neck, the resulting porridge, then wash off with warm water. Do not be lazy and do this after each bath.

The mixture can be stored in the refrigerator.

What does it mean?

The salt removes dead skin particles from the surface and disinfects. If you have small pimples, then soon they will remain in the past. Sour cream softens the effect of salt, not allowing her to scratch the delicate skin and nourishes the cells.

Do I need to explain that regular use will give a wonderful result.

Tip # 9

Once on the skin. It would be great if acquire for themselves such a treasure as amaranth oil. The main component of this miracle product is squalene. And he, in turn, is a major component of our skin. The oil is absorbed almost 100%, and in the fight against wrinkles, scars, burns, stretch marks and other skin troubles out of the competition! Use of amaranth oil can and should daily, oiling the body and face.


What does it mean?

This will give relief from many problems. The only disadvantage of oil is its price. Although it is certainly worth it.


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Tip # 10

Prepare a special water to rinse hair after washing. Just add a few drops of menthol oil (1 liter – 5 drops) and rinse your curls after each wash.


What does it mean?

The issue will disappear immediately after the first try. Incredible freshness on the scalp and ease. This tool even facilitates headache. Effectively fights dandruff. Excellent helps with excessive fat hair.published




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