In Yakutia has built energy-efficient residential quarter

Nine buildings built under the program of resettlement of citizens from dilapidated housing has already been introduced, and another house will be ready to accept tenants by the end of this year. The resettlement of people from emergency housing in Gate began in 2008 and should be completed at the end of this year.

To improve the energy efficiency of new homes has been introduced a complex system of communications. In the construction of two large 80-apartment houses have been used energy-saving technologies, meeting the climatic requirements of the region: enhanced basement insulation, and attic floor, established obschedomovoe exhaust ventilation system with heat recovery, energy efficient Windows, individual heating units with automatic weather control.


Water for hot water supply Autonomous heated by two sources: helium vacuum solar heaters and condensing boilers. In the stairwells and in the corridors — led lamps with motion sensors and light. Boiler capacity of 480 kW. It is arranged according to the cascade principle – instead of one larger boiler there are six little ones.

In cascade control of boilers-units operate in the nominal mode. How many of them required so much work. The remaining boilers work depending on the requirements of the weather and temperature. Manages all of the cascade controller. These boilers very low temperature, so the efficiency is very high, — said Sergey Krutko, chief engineer of the construction company OOO "Investment and construction company".

Have already moved residents noted substantial savings on utility bills in the new house – almost a half in comparison with the cost of heating in an old wooden house corridor type. Promote efficiency and solar panels and collectors placed on the roof. If solar collectors are not enough to heat water to 60 degrees, then turns on the gas boiler for additional heating.


The cost of 60 thousand rubles per square meter, is a quarter higher than the normal rate. The cost of construction of such housing borne by the Republic and Federal Fund for housing and utilities, and municipalities, where people are moving. published




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