Minus 68 for Ojmjakon

In Yakutia, a week continued abnormal drop in temperature. Over the weekend in the village of Oymyakon colder up to -62 ° C. The country closed almost all primary schools. Meteorologists say that in front of a welcome warming of temperature drops to -68 ° C.

This week Yakutia embraced unprecedented frosts up to -60 ° C. Forecasters suggest that abnormally low temperatures will hold in the region all week. As told "Gazeta.ru" in the center "Phobos", it was the cause of such cold anticyclone, which was formed in eastern Siberia. This hotbed of high pressure determined cold weather in the northeast region. Along the shores of the rivers Yana and Kolyma thermometer dropped to the level of -60 ° C. Here in Yakutia do not cease to go snow and the morning mists are formed strong.

The lowest in the history of the region's value -62 ° C was recorded two days ago in Verkhoyansk.

Similar temperature and experiencing villagers Ojmjakon, one of the poles of cold in the northern hemisphere of the planet. Warming to -45 ° C will come to the village only for the New Year, about 28 of December. At this time over the Sea of ​​Okhotsk is activated powerful cyclone, which will be released in the region of Magadan. Directly to Yakutia he will not fall, but it will be able to push the center of the field of cold air. Thus, the region to establish normal for this time, the temperature is -40 ... -45 ° C.

However, meteorologists do not rule out that before warming welcome residents Oymyakon and Verkhoyansk have to go through another temperature record.

On the week the night air can cool down to -64 ... -68 ° C.

The average monthly temperature in most of the ulus of Yakutia in December amounted to -35 ... -41 ° C. The lowest temperature -42 ... -46 ° C recorded in Verkhoyansk and Oymyakon encampments, the highest -26 ... -32 ° C - in the southern and south-western Yakutia encampments.

As reported by the Hydrometeorological Center of the city of Yakutsk, the capital region's temperature has already begun to stabilize. December 22, it was about -45 ° C. Although normal values ​​for Yakutsk, elementary school students still do not attend classes. "We have a definite norm for the students. At -45 ° C does not go to class elementary school at -48 ° C - students in grades 1-8, and when the temperature reaches -50 ° C, in school nobody goes, "- told in the weather.

Many people goes to the hospital with a strong Yakutia frostbite and colds. When the frost has only just begun in two regions of the country had problems with the heating 6 and 12 December in the Aldan region of Yakutia and the city Tommot accident occurred in the boiler. As a result, in the Aldan district without district heating were 75 residential houses, where more than 250 people, and in Tommot - 12 houses, which are home to about 100 people. Heating in these regions by Monday already fully restored.

How many Muscovites will have to wait for this winter raging in Yakutia is unknown. Slack snowfalls are expected in the capital for a week. This December the snow, according to meteorologists, can fall on a Sunday.


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