The three most common tricks of the Bank

1. Nonpayment of the loan.
The essence of this trick lies in the fact that the person making the last under the schedule of payments for the loan, repays its not the whole, but remains the Bank shall insignificant amount of ten to twenty rubles. How is this debt – is another question, which just below. Importantly, it remains! And the Bank on this minuscule starts to wind the interest, penalties, etc. to Cheat quietly, gradually. It takes almost three years (three years is the Statute of limitations) and the Bank, suddenly this man, already forgotten about the credit, requires that he finally repaid the loan. Only it is not about a few rubles and a few thousand rubles! And that is as it were godly. There have been cases ) when the person to repay the loan, called six months later and reported that he owed the Bank two thousand rubles – at maturity. And now this amount has increased to 35 thousand rubles! That is alleged outstanding amount of just talking about! "I paid!" – rightly outraged people. But to prove it could not, because of the payment receipt he had already safely discarded. And if people managed to save them and to show the Bank and there with a sigh referred to a computer malfunction. With a sigh – because it was not possible at this time to pull money from the man.

The antidote:
To not fall for this trick a Bank, just enough after the last payment certificate require that the loan is FULLY repaid. And of course, it is useful to keep all receipts at least three years.

2. Old salary card.
Fairly common everyday situation – people for some reason goes to the service to another Bank. A zeroed credit cards old Bank throws. But after some time on them (more on the Bank account which was not closed) appears negative balance – the Bank wrote off the money for annual maintenance. And then according to the scheme described in the first trick, the money accumulates interest, fines, penalties, etc. And then, when passed over a tidy sum, the Bank calls a former client.

The antidote:
Not to fall for this trick, simply close your Bank account. You must come to his office and write a statement. And, of course, not to forget to obtain a certificate that the account was closed.

3. Technical overdraft.
This trick bankers crank debit cards, which allow them to take more money than you have in the account. In other words, this trick is used with Bank cards that have overdraft. It should be remembered that, first, the interest on the overdraft can be simply draconian. And, secondly, it must be repaid at once, not in parts, as on a conventional loan.
When there is unintentional care less? When I do not know how much you have on the card and withdraw money more than it is. There have been cases when a person needs to be removed, for example, 870 rubles (all the money). But ATM offers to remove 900 rubles – bills smaller advantage than $ 100, it does not. The man agreed, and went shooting in minus. And very soon these minus 30 rubles converted to minus 300 rubles.

The antidote:
To know exactly the balance on your card, you need to connect SMS-banking. Just keep in mind, he also paid (an average of 30 roubles a month). And with zero balance on the card he can "help" you go into minus. published

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