Not necessarily on paper

The story of a businessman claims the bank.

It turns out that nowhere in our Russian law does not stipulate that the documents should be drawn up on paper only, and not on any other materials. On this occasion, the story of how one entrepreneur from one Russian city put up a claim to one bank. That they do not share in this story is not so important. We talked about some unfair charges, on any account maintenance fee ... But this is fine and legal matter. Fairly well known that's what.
When the owner asked the bank to resolve the conflict, spiteful bank employees said: "Write to claim it, we will consider 60 days and then still refuse." Entrepreneur retired from the office of the bank, leaving a farewell: "Sami asked for." Bankers do not take into account that the owner was a local monopoly in the supply of hewn stone for the monuments, foundations and others. Here is an entrepreneur and the bank put the desired claim.

Quiet Sunday evening on a heavy truck was driven around the city claim. Near the locked office of the bank claim was carefully unloaded two heavy cranes and installed on the porch. In the morning it turned out that the claim a little prevents employees of the bank to get into office. Although the claim itself was modest, but it looked impressive: strict slab of gray granite, weighing 12 tons. At the plate throughout the claim form was knocked to the bank with all the details, including the address of the entrepreneur to answer.

Of course, without the remaining office bank employees called the police. Police arrived, having carefully considered the claim, explained that there is no crime, but there is a civil law relations. Then advised the bank to solve the problem with the employer in a court of general jurisdiction and left home. But claims remain. Bank tried to remove the claim independently. Alas, the businessman was the only one happy owner of multiaxial trailer and related equipment. And without a trailer to remove the claim was not possible.

Bankers caused the tractor and hook together claim rope and push at least from the porch to the road. However, such work with pretensions stopped Pass the police, explaining that clutter the roadway claims is impossible. Poor bank employees had to enter the workplace through the windows. Many bank customers prefer to go to other banks.

The next day, the district court judge, after hearing a complaint of the bank, refused to require the employer to cancel the claim. Moreover, it was found out that the bank has no right to reject a claim based on the use of paperless materials, but must move it to archive and review in accordance with their own procedures. As a result, on the third day the bank hired a team of workers with jackhammers still shattered claim to the transported size.

The same day, the businessman phoned the bank and politely inquired about the outcome of a claim. Upon hearing the promise of a businessman in the case of delay to put a new claim, already three pages, the bank chose not to bring to this and quickly canceled for all entrepreneur commission. So that a pre-trial settlement of conflicts - a very effective measure.


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