Here scientists have finally invented a perpetual seal, which itself is treats tooth



Scientists from the University of London Queen Mary (Queen Mary University) managed to create a new material for dental fillings that is already being called revolutionary. And its advantages in the following:

  • Seal not just fill the cavity, but she treats teeth. According to Professor Robert hill (Robert Hill), an innovative composition — nothing like a bioactive composite material on glass substrates. After the filling is placed in the cavity of the tooth, begin to be released the minerals, which make up the tooth tissue, namely fluoride, calcium and phosphorus. Due to this, the tooth is restored.
  • Unlike the old fillings, the new material does not leave the slightest gap between the filling and the tooth, making it impossible for bacteria under the filling.
  • Scientists claim that such a seal can be put once and for all. It will not wear out over time, like modern seals, and certainly will not fall out.
"This stuff will completely change the practice of dentistry," says Professor hill. It is expected that the new seals will be available in the next three years.


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