10 most in-demand male models in the world

Twenty seven million eight hundred eighty one thousand nine hundred eighty five

The website admires not only the stunning beauty of these world famous male models, but also is a tribute to their spiritual qualities. After all, if they were able to achieve such heights in the modeling business, you must have a strong character and incredible determination.

Sean O Pry 0cb4133e54.jpg

Sean never dreamed of a modeling career, but all of a sudden for a young man his photo in social networks noticed and appreciated the owner of a famous fashion Agency and was immediately offered a job.

Nick Bateman 4303caa43d.jpg

Nick Bateman is not only a model of the world level, but also and actor and an athlete. He was four times world champion in karate and is the owner and Manager of his own school of martial arts.

Serge Rigvava 4a92e8afe3.jpg

Hard to believe, but this curly guy was barely 17 years old. Serge is a native of Germany, his modeling career, as is often the case, started after winning a modeling contest.

Matthew Terry e5d30a6fad.jpg

This talented young man grew up in a small American town, and one day his mom sent photo of son in a beauty contest where Matthew was the clear winner. Thus began his stellar career.

Jon Kortajarena 5647292e8f.jpg

Tall, green eyes, dark hair, furrowed brow and chiseled features — all this makes designers and photographers all over the world wanting to work with John. No wonder he is considered one of the highest paid model in the world.

Marlon Teixeira f14102db54.jpg

25-year-old Brazilian handsome has been a star of fashion shows and photo shoots. But with such popularity Marlon still remains a very humble and nice guy. And he played the clip of Philip Kirkorov for the song "Snow".

Rob Evans e471201db4.jpg

The main advantage of this hottie is a growth of 190 cm, and athletic. Rob, professionally engaged in Boxing and participated in the famous show "Top model American".

Simon Nessman b20b95c15d.jpg

A couple of years ago Simon Nessman became the highest-paid male model in the world, and this is not surprising. He looks both refined, masculine and exotic.

Chad White 2a9d4ce474.jpg

Chad white was born in Portland, United States, and never seriously thought about working in the modeling business. But his appearance could not go unnoticed in the fashion world. Now Chad combines his work of model with acting and charity.

David Gandy 43fb1a0d49.jpg

Gandhi — a living legend of the fashion industry and also one of the most influential people in the UK. For several years he headed the list of most paid models in the world, is a professional racer, writes editorials on fashion for the world titles, and has devoted much of his time and money to charity. And, importantly, still not married.

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