10 most beautiful child models, which contain their parents

This ranking is not just beautiful children, but consisted entirely model, which may include not only themselves, but also her father and mother in the bargain. Still, after earning some of the estimated six-figure sum.

The fashion industry currently consumes a great desire to "child labor", as many rich people do not want to buy simple clothes for their children - it must necessarily be branded, well-known firm, which highlight the status.

Good or bad, let everyone decide for themselves, and we only present you view the top 10 most beautiful and popular models, children up to 15 years:

Tila Blondeau, 14 years old The French fashion model, whose career started in 4 years. The daughter of a football player Patrick Blondeau and actress Veronica Lyubri. It is considered the most expensive model among peers.

Christine Mackenzie Foy, 14 years old The American model and actress. McKenzie began her modeling career at age 5, working with «Garnet Hill», «Polo Ralph Lauren» and «Guess Kids». Also known for her role as Renesmee in the movie "Twilight. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn ".

Christina Pimenov, 9 years old is engaged in modeling business since 2009. It is one of the famous and popular in Russian children's models. He cooperates with famous fashion houses like Prada, Burberry, Silvian Heach. She starred in nearly 20 commercials.


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