Killer fashion! That's why I stopped to hang magnets on the fridge.

The influence of magnetic fields on humans is still poorly understood. There are proponents of magnetic therapy treatment magnets, but there are ardent opponents of the magnets that close to the person should not be this dangerous material.

If you have colourful magnets on the fridge door, definitely check out this information! This is especially true of people who have heart problems...

Harm manithanaga think the magnets on the fridge for great decoration. You can bring them from traveling, to give as a little souvenir, to attach important notes on the fridge.

I personally don't like the fridges, dotted with bright small details: it spoils the interior, debases it. But as they say, on taste and color... unfortunately, the problem of the use of magnets not only aesthetic.

Magnets there are two types. Dark gray, almost black magnets — absolutely harmless to the delight of all fans to cover up your fridge popular Souvenirs. The health hazards are grey and silver grey magnets. They are made of a material called neodymium.

Neodymium magnets are dangerous for people with pacemakers: as a result of interaction with the magnet, the device may stop working. To failed, the man with a heart device, you just need to be close near the magnet distance (3-4 cm). It can cause death...

Magnetic field of a person — a fragile substance, say Feng Shui experts. Feng Shui is not prohibited to hang magnets on the fridge and different ways to use them in the interior, but are urging people to be careful.

In any case it is impossible to on the refrigerator door products were images of people and animals! It takes the negative energy the food. This energy absorbed from food, can cause sickness and poverty. Someone who cares about their health and respects the practice of Feng Shui, needs to take into account these helpful recommendations.

It is important to monitor the use of magnets, if you have children! Small magnets can be swallowed and a very large can accidentally fall on the head of the baby. At the same time, special magnetic games for children — popular entertainment. The main thing — to purchase high quality, safe toys.

Magnets pose a serious risk to people with pacemakers! Tell about this article to your friends, because many do not know this medical proven fact.

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