"Why don't you trust me?!" About trust and gullibility

For me security is a very interesting thing in our society. Here is a simple example — once I went to the taxi driver, who, like many in Moscow, lived on caffeine to accumulate in the apartment. Well, he spoke in the spirit — "it's a Shame, if the wife leaves, and all she will remain." And here I was getting said something like, "well, you can draw up the documents so that when you divorce, everything was divided in half".

The taxi driver was surprised where I got this idea, and even more surprised that I exactly live — with a separate budget and property.

"You just don't trust my husband!" he said. — "So, you didn't love!". And it said the person who is afraid to remain without shelter in the event of a divorce with his wife. That is his concern, he is able to Express, but not able to realize and take care of myself.

And that's very much where it is — on the one hand, a lot of information about partners, and quite frightening: people kill each other because of the inheritance, live in apartments, throwing money, hand over parent's jewelry to the pawnshop, hock, without asking leave and start a new business, and sometimes money partner.

Same with work, people are fired without pay, con, lower, bypass boost, leave switchmen and so on.

With friends and family — friend take husbands, mothers take their husbands, elder brothers and fathers engage in incestuous relationships, for years people saw the inheritance and not pay the debt.

On the other hand, to draw attention to it as something nekomilfo.

That is, the information is open, sound is perceived. But not accepted. Consider it a new person you shouldn't.

For me it's amazing.

For me it is normal to trust the laws of physics and chemistry — they never lied and was not framed. Gravity always works, the water freezes, the soda with the vinegar sizzle, the powder removes dirt and regularly the Earth revolves around the Sun.

People default I believe is neutral. That is, I think, most likely, they are not neglecting me until they prove me wrong.

But just like a stranger to trust with the big things I think is very strange.

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For example, about her husband, I over years, I can safely say that if I give him money to carry to school for textbooks daughter, that's exactly what he'll do. Or if he promised to pay for her club — pay. Do not buy this vodka, theater tickets or a new iPhone, because he was before the men uncomfortable.

But not all the people I know act like that.

So very often, when people say "why don't you trust me?!" — I wonder, because they are usually at this moment did nothing, so I could trust them. Or even did something exactly the opposite. published


Author: Adrian IMI


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