Began everyday life: the relationship after the honeymoon period

The honeymoon period may be the prelude to a good and pleasant relationship. That is, after it should not become worse. After it has to become different, better: growing confidence, mutual interest, a sense of security and proximity.

If not — it's not "romance is gone, began everyday"is not a very good signal about the relationship. There are some, shall we say, a reference point, which after six months or more relations we can say that all was in order. So: Self-Esteem. In the worst case it should not fall in the best to grow. Because you love because you support it because you say to each other good things; Trust (here security). It is, again, over time, should grow and not decrease. If farther away, the more you jealous, worried about their money, want to control the partner (or it does the same thing) is worth considering;

Frame from the movie "Easy virtue" of the Border. In a harmonious relationship must not merge (we are one), nor pushing the boundaries of one of the partner ("what movie, you're my girl, you can't go alone!"). If you can not sleep or somewhere to get out of the house without a partner — this could be similar to the merger. Yes, you may think that this is normal, because that's what childhood you all promoted, but in fact this is the first step to losing yourself. If one partner can do everything and the other nothing, this means that one absorbs the other. Of course, normally take into account in their plans for their partner. But to consider and do as he said different things; the Ability to solve problems by dialogue. If you six months in a relationship and still afraid to say the wrong thing — so-so sign. In a good relationship there is always an opportunity to speak, to voice their point of view. Yes, the dialogue can then be conducted on the raised tones, but it will be a dialogue, not "just because you, I never..."; of Course, all and all different. But the most important thing is that with time everything has to change, but not worse, except that at times of crisis, but they can't be eternal.published Author: Adrian IMI P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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